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I've decided to start my fitness journey this year exactly 21st of January 2018 with an  #iloveme #bloom2018 hashtag for the year.
I didn't really have anything in mind in particular of what I wanted or what the goal was. All I wanted was to learn something new. 
The first thing that popped in my head was to go back to the old plan in November 2016, which was to learn all about Aerial Hoop and Ballet - to be on toe shoes (my childhood frustration)...ughhh
Sadly I only had 3 sessions and didn't push through because of the bruises with the hoop or was it? Excuses my a**..... in reality I wasn't focused nor was I even really committed.
So here I was 2 years after, and finally committed to learning the skills.

It was in November 2016 when I first learned about Kfit. It was also with this app that I booked my 3 classes with.
I didn't get their prepaid fitness pass at that time but only paid per class because it was cheaper and more savings for me plus no pressure at all. 
Honestly, I use these fitness apps to really save on costs. Imagine paying 350 per class only when the actual price is 600 for walk in.

This year, I still used KFIT up until June 2018 and switched to GuavaPass when the studio I had been learning the aerial stuff increased their price. So since I was really into keeping fit yet being able to save money, upon computing for the costing, GuavaPass was the winner. I was very much comfortable with KFIT and that feeling of "I had no choice but to switch to GuavaPasss" because I can book a per class only with KFIT. But now I have to buy a Prepaid class pass with GuavaPass. HUHUHU. There was an adjustment period and I was condemning GuavaPass for a month and a half. HAHA

This Month is my 3rd month on Guavapass (I took their 3 month's unlimited package by the way) so I started this blog to share with you my journey. I actually love GuavaPass now. Seriously. No bull. I feel at home with GuavaPass. I guess you can call the 3 month's grace period as getting used to period. Just like in our business where we have this " Mentoring Program" which is a 90 days journey to the "getting used to phase" for first time business owners. So in life, in learning and even letting go. I would say, it's always a 3 months thing.

So enough with my story. Let's get down to the real review. 


What is this KFIT and GuavaPass? 

It's a fitness subscription program just like having a gym membership but you can try a whole lot of studios thus it's actually more flexible and you can explore other options. 

In the Philippines, it's only Guavapass and KFIT that offers these (as of this writing). Both of them are accessible in Android and Apple app and even on your browser.

You can attend as many of those classes as you want for a fixed monthly fee. The unlimited access through the app is more affordable than getting a regular subscription through the individual studios.

There is, however, a limit to how many times you can visit a studio, which allows you to spend your time at more than one. Well, that's okay for those who want to explore different studios


 What's their difference?



KFIT has only one version of their Fitness Pass, and it’s ₱1,299 a month for 10 classes. If it's your first time, you get the first month at  ₱999 (You need a  promo code to apply the first month discount). You can visit the same studio up to 2 to 4 times a month only (depending on the studio).



You also have the option of an "a la carte" (one time pass/pay per class) style (like what I did) where in you get to have an unlimited number of times in a studio if you pay per visit and not go through the monthly pass method. It also allows you to bring a friend with you even if he/she doesn't have a KFIT account.




GuavaPass has more variety when it comes to payment terms. They don't have an "a la carte" style like that of KFIT but you can choose from 5 fitness packages. They also have a limit when it comes to visiting the same studio in the same month.


Guvapass Pricing


Since GuavaPass doesn't have a one time class/pay per class option, you cannot bring a friend with you. If you have to have a gym buddy, he/she must also sign up for a GuavaPass class package too.

GuavaPass also allows you to "pause" your subscription at a fee of  ₱99 for blocks of 3 months period. When you pause your account, you "save" the rest of the days that you had left in your billing cycle and you will get to use these days when you come back from your pause. Your account will stay in pause mode and you will be automatically charged every 3 months until you stop the pause or cancel your membership.

Unlike GuavaPass, however, pausing of your KFit membership is not applicable. But you can cancel it at no charge. Just make sure you do it at least 7 days before your next billing cycle. 

Both KFIT and GuavaPass auto-renew their billing, so if you have plans of cancelling your membership better take note of your renewal date and cancel before that date or better yet, cancel a week or a few days before that.



As we all know that KFIT's class pass is fixed at 1299 (regular price) for a class of 10 sessions and GuavaPass is ₱1999 (regular price) for unlimited classes and ₱4999 for 3 months unlimited upfront or ₱1667 per month

Let's now compute KFIT being our basis.

  • ₱1299 divided by 10 = ₱129.9 per class 


so  if I use GuavaPass class package:

  •  3 months unlimited of ₱1999/month: ₱1999/ ₱129.9 = 15 classes /month
  •  3 months unlimited upfront at ₱1667/month: ₱1667/₱129.9 = 13 classes /month


Thus if you are really into working out  and you are keeping on track with your fitness goals, GuavaPass will be the winner as long as you are committed and you will stick to your regular weekly workout. Being in a prepaid fitness pass actually gives me a challenge to work out so that I could get my money's worth. hehe :P



 Both KFIT and GuavaPass have a wide range of partner studios and some studios are available in both apps. However, if you are into aerials like me, GuavaPass is partnered with more studios offering aerial classes.

The good thing about KFIT is that it's not only limited to Fitness like gym and all that, but it also caters to lifestyle services such as dental appointments, nail services, massage and spa, sports like Archery and Fencing which GuavaPass does not offer. These services do not apply to their monthly subscription though. The monthly subscription is only available for their Fitness activities.

The beauty about GuavaPass is that it has a cross-country concept. It means that you have access to all the fitness partners where GuavaPass is available. Their current locations outside of your country (in my case Philippines - Manila) are: Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, Phuket, Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei. This is good for those who often travel for business or leisure yet still want to keep fit and maximize their monthly membership.




 Both KFIT and GuavaPass subscriptions allows you to book in advance up to 4 active bookings (not applicable to the pay per class with that of KFIT).With GuavaPass, you can actually book even an hour before the class starts (depending on the studio).

Both charges a late cancellation fee and no show. Cancellation per class for both GuavaPass and KFIT depends per studio rules but if you are doing the "one time pass/pay per class" thing with KFIT, cancellation per class should be at least before 12 midnight of that day because it will charge you up of that class you signed up at exactly 12 midnight on that day.



 While both are partnered with different studios, I would say GuavaPass has more partnered studios that are new or trending than KFIT. For my aerial classes, I can book to 4 studios in GuavaPass compared to only 2 studios with KFIT. 

In terms of quality customer service, being any of the fitness subscription member feels the same when you sign into studios. I never felt that I was treated as a lesser client/student or a second rate when I was on either passes.



 Both KFIT and GuavaPass for me have easily understandable or user friendly interface. However, GuavaPass is easier to manage and cleaner. They also always update their app for bug fixes. With the KFIT app, I experienced 2x incident of uninstalling and reinstalling because it was having a glitch for over a 1 week... sigh :(

 Both have a per class/kind selection and both have a filter to manage if you want to check activities for a specific timing only or for a specific location only. Both of the apps also have this favorites thingy that allows you to tag your favorite studios to make it easier to check their classes and make a schedule for your week. But only KFIT allows you to see the ratings per studio and uses your phone's GPS to send you options of activities that are near your location




KFIT UIkfit user interfaceKFIT UIKFIT User Interface




GuavaPass User InterfaceGuavaPass User InterfaceGuavaPass User Interface




Like anything else that's good and lovely and very much useful, in order to thrive, both KFIT and GuavaPass has this referral program that if you referrer your friends to use their app, your friend gets a discount and you will also have a discount as thee referrer. Pretty much a win-win solution for all. The new user gets a discount, the referrer gets a discount and these fitness apps have more users who will use it. 

 Here's a few difference as well as the promo codes that you can use:

GuavaPass: Only first-time members are eligible for any promotions.

  • Get ₱1,200 off when you sign up for the 20 Class Package
  • Get ₱800 off when you sign up for the 3 Month Unlimited (for the first month) or 8 Class Package
  • Get ₱500 off when you sign up for the 4 Class Package


GuavaPass referral link:

GuavaPass promo code: PatriciaLovesGuava411259

If using the Promo code, before you check out copy and paste it here: 

 GuavaPass Promo Code GuvaPass promo code

KFit: Every new member gets ₱50 off first purchase for pay per class and  ₱300 off  for KFIT fitness membership subscription

KFit referral link:

KFIT promo code: fb8hs


Note: If you experience any technical issues with the referral link with KFIT, please download the app via Play store or Apple store and key in the promo code manually. Keying in the promo code will work.


Upon opening the App, click on "More" and then click "Promo code" and Input the promo code there.

KFIT DISCOUNT CODEkfit discount code


Since you do get a discount for your first month or first class purchase, i highly recommend you to give either of these passes a try. If you’re nervous about going to class alone because it's your first time, don’t be! You’ll be surprised at how many people go to classes alone. Plus you'll be inspired with their own fitness journey.

If you decide to do the month on month renewal – it’s likened to a trial membership with no obligations to continue. However, do remember to cancel as these memberships are on auto-renewal!

If you hate the idea of having to do prepaid like me before, try out KFIT's pay per class feature first and after you give it a try, then decide which works best for your own fitness journey. :)

Until then!

On our next blog, we'll be posting a little bit of my aerial journey (with pictures!). It's 8 months as of this writing. Wow! imagine that!



If you are interested to know what products I use to keep myself fit aside from working out, head on to our online store. Yes I use ALL OF THEM. I can't live without them! 

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