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Why am I sick?

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 Why do we get sick?  Do you ever ask yourself that? I recently  got sick. And I hated that feeling. Seriously. Let me share with you my realizations while battling my throbbing headache, golf ball sized sore throat and a barely movable body.

March 9, 2017 -  Thursday


I started  feeling grouchy. I know I'm  normally moody but this time, it's  a different  kind  of “grouchiness”. I just  shrugged it off,  did my usual yoga and I took my power nap. After the nap,  I went on with my usual  day.

I watched a movie  that night, thinking  I just  need a little break.

March 10, 2017 -  Friday

I officially  called it  “sick me”.  I barely  get sick. Because  we have natural products  to fight  it off.  Yes,  I use ALL our products. From Angel's Secret  to AlphaSpin to Suso Hydrogen Water Maker to JMS3. EVERYTHING.  And my sickness  was getting  on my nerves because  I was thinking of work. The workaholic in me is complaining.  Somebody  said,  The body talks  to us in 3 ways.  It  whispers, it screams  and it shouts.  Let me get that excerpt  from the book,  “Don't  Let Them Lose You,  How to Take Care of Your Health so You Can Take Care of Others” by Dr.  Didoy  Lubaton

Sickness is your body shouting  to you.  Normally,  your body  doesn't  shout.  When it needs something, like water, or sleep, or vegetables, or love, or laughter, or peace, it whispers.

But because we're busy listening to the noise  outside instead of the whispers from within, our bodies starve.

And so it starts to shout.  That's what we call sickness.

And if we drown out  its voice by swallowing  a pill or getting  invasive medical treatments,  our body  starts to scream. That scream is a chronic disease that is trying  to wake us up or we die.

So with this sickness, my body  is already shouting..  Shouting  what? At that time I didn't  care, I wanted to finish my work. I was expecting  to be well the next day.  Wow,  robot. And I even said,  “I have appointments tomorrow. If I'm  still not okay I'll  just pop some paracetamol”  Ehem….  Reading up to this point,  I think you know why… hehe

March 11,2017 - Saturday

I threw in the towel. Called off my appointments  and I was bed rest the whole day. I was really sick. My head was aching,  my temperature  was shooting up, my throat  was so sore I couldn't  eat anything  but fluids  and soft fruits.  No colds,  no cough. Just fever,  a very irritating  migraine  and a very very very  weak body  that I can barely  walk.

I had no choice. I just rested  the whole day.  No work. Bombarded  with hydrogen water from Suso Hydrogen Maker. Slept in the JMS3. And I had to pop 3 paracetamol total (ugh)  That's  all I did. Man I hated it doing  nothing  but rest. But I had no choice.

March 12, 2017 - Sunday

I stayed  at home. I was still sick. I felt a lot better  because  I finally  rested. But I was still sick.  I wasn't  able to go to The Feast (weekly  Catholic prayer meeting) my body  was not cooperating. I just had to go with the live streaming to nourish my spirit. And true enough, thank you for technology. I felt better after hearing  mass and the feast talk even through  live stream.  I actually  watched another  movie  -  Moana. Which was so connected to the Feast talk  that day. I know there's  always a kid in me.  I still love watching  cartoons.

March 13, 2017 -  Monday

I was up,  I had a pre-scheduled meet up and appointments  that day that I can't  cancel.  I was not 100% okay yet.  Around 95% and I still was dizzy riding  in the car so I had no choice but  to pop another paracetamol (ugh!!!)  so that I won't  look haggard. My face was oily  aside from the onset of my period,  my body  was still recuperating.  That day went well until  Trinoma  was in flames. Yep,  I was there. And I had to walk far..  I rested  that night. Thank God, I'm  okay.

March 14, 2017 -  Tuesday

I'm  98% up and running  and all I can think of was thank you Dr. REST. I may have the best natural products  to combat  illnesses  but I forgot one thing. To rest.

I learned  from this experience that balancing life with  work and rest is something  that we will benefit  in the long run. It can't  be all work and it can't  be all rest either. There should  always be a balance. As I write this today, I am resting  from my website  work. Yes,  I'm  still updating  and upgrading  the website. I want to give the best to my clients. But I should  always remember Dr.  Rest. It's  always 7 doctors: Dr.  Water, Dr. Move,  Dr. Green,  Dr.  Air,  Dr. Sleep and Rest, Dr.  Breathe, Dr.  Food

How about  you? Do you need a doctor  too? Or maybe you just need to listen to that whisper.. Listen good.  Listen well.. 

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