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Why did we switch from Angel's Secret to Quantum Premium Pads?

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A lot have been asking us. .


Why switch?

Fact: The saying "What works, do not change" or "If it's working already, why change?" is suicidal esp if you are in business and or in ministry. Because it will halt your growth.

There's a saying that if you have a goal.. Make sure you Marry your Purpose, but you Hire your Strategy.

Things change, people change, circumstances change and if we do not upgrade, if we do not innovate, we will die..

As you have seen in our past posts, we have been marketing and using Angel's Secret..but despite how good it is and even if there's a lot of testimonials already, we will always have a growing competition especially if we do not upgrade from the “negative ion/anion napkin” tagline.

That's why now with Quantum Napkin, our tagline for this product is “ THE FIRST AND ONLY NAPKIN TO CONTAIN SCALAR ENERGY"

And not only scalar energy but far infrared, active oxygen and yes, the ever reliable negative ion ..


1. Energy booster
2. Anti Aging
3. Anti Stress
4. Natural Viagra
5. Anti Radiation


Even if I've been using our negative ions testimony for years. My second day of menses would always make me so sensitive and sulk. Normally, I don't want to do any thing. But as I used the Quantum Pads, it was as if I was not having menses at all. I was not even sensitive to pain. I still got to do my aerial classes and I didn't even get tired even after 2 hours straight of classes.


Did you know that for only 4 packs minimum (or Member Pack), you get to be a member?

As a member you get to:

✔Get product discounts for repeat orders
✔ Earn through E-commerce
✔ Earn through referrals
✔ Help Small and Medium Business Enterprises

So do you love the new innovation? Leave your comments below 😘

Questions? Message us:

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