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My Take on Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core (Anion) Napkins -Testimony of the Hashtag HealThy Owner

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yes, that's me. yours truly. That's the reason why this is our site. Our goal is to embody our own brand. 

So.. What's my own Personal Testimony and Reviews of Angel's Secret Negative Ion Pads?


Okay, I'm a bit lazy writing this blog. (Sorry about that. took me almost a month to finish this website for you guys) So what I'll do, I'll just copy my own post from our Instagram Account and I'll copy it here. This post was made around September last year I think so I'm gonna copy it here to save time for you scrolling our Instagram page.

It says something like this:

"For the benefit of everyone asking, here's my personal testimony on Angel's Secret.

I've been using this product for 6 years to date. The main reason why I first started to use it because it was a good product to market.Yes, it was business first.That's me,very business minded.And I grab opportunities that make me earn.The product is so easy to demo and you can actually see the difference right before your eyes the result and effect.And as a business minded person, a product this good is very easy to market and of course, there are more women than men right? I first came to know this product through my Co staff nurse when I was still working at St. Luke's when I was asking if they had a spare Sanitary pad as I just got my period.She let me watch the Jessica Soho report and did the demo.To make the story short, I bought it for the sake of my period. I didn't really believe it at first, because I for one had no problems down there.I'm regular. It's just that during menses I always get rashes and itchiness and I also get recurrent UTI. So I started to use the product. And after my menses, the liner. But I had a detox effect, I was telling her "I thought this will remove my UTI why is it so itchy and I'm getting rashes down there?" and she just told me it's the cleansing effect. Just continue using and it will stop when all the dirt is removed. Apparently I had 1 week detox. Yes, I had that crazy detox feeling itchy, rashes down there.Why? That's all the gunk of commercialized pads and liners I've been putting on myself. All these recycled paper, chemicals, bleach, dioxin, etc. Like eeeeewwww! So no wonder I had 1 week detox. And to think I'm not a daily liner user. Grabe pala ang compounding effect noh? How much more yung 30 years ng gumagamit ng ordinary pads and liners.So for short, I've been sharing this product since then. Kahit nga siguro nakapikit I can do a demo.My detox was only 1 week. And I've been using it since then. No more recurrent UTI, no more itchiness and rashes ever since I started using it"


So that's the whole testimony. Today as i write this post (28 February 2017) I'm almost on the 7th year of continuously using this product. Yes, we are not salesmen. We are happy customers ourselves. How about you? Do you have your own story to share? Write your story on comments below :)

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