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Am I Really Having Dysmenorrhea?

0 Comments Angel's Secret Product Testimonial product review

Did you experience PMS lately?

I recently did.

And I had to write about it because it's a significant experience for a 7 years user of Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core Pads.

The recent cold weather has been a pain in the neck.

I need to drink lots of Hydrogen Water from our Suso Hydrogen Water Maker to increase my immunity.

2 weeks ago when my throat was "on it's way" to a sore throat episode, my initial and instant reaction would be grab my so called Emergency kit which is actually only 1 thing  and its not pills.  With an impending sore throat, it's actually the negative ion strip from the Angel's Secret Liner. I don't have any emergency kit. I just basically use all the JM products. Sorry, even if I'm from the medical field i really hate pill popping.

So going back to my story. I was searching for a liner pad to get the negative ion strip to chew. Yes, you can chew the strip. Whoops. Hold your horses. Why Chew it? because when it was just the only product we've had, we did a lot of experiments on it and that's the reason why it was featured in Jessica Soho. (Watch Video Here)

When i was rummaging through my bag, I noticed i didn't have any liner pad left. What was left was my Extra Long napkin pad. So i got no choice, its either suffer a sore throat or use the strip from the extra long and be relieved. And of course, you know what i did. I just  basically used the strip from my Extra Long Pack. At the back of my mind, I was like. "sayang naman" and I still kept my extra long pad even if there's no more negative ion strip already.

Last Thursday, I got my period.and guess what did i use? Yep, its that Angel's Secret Extra Long Napkin which I  removed the Negative Ion Strip from. And honest to goodness. Cross my heart. No sales pitch involved, I was really having a bad temper. Yes I know I'm a bit moody even during the "normal days" but seriously I was like I wanted to pick a fight - any fight and just really hated that day! You know that feeling when you can punch anybody in the nose? I was talking to my boyfriend and he said, "why not change pads? It's probably because your hormones are not at bay. You took out the negative ion strip. And so I followed his advice. Lo and behold after just 5 minutes-no kidding after 5 minutes I felt better and i was game on again wanting to finish building this website. I was like. what the.... and now I have a new testimony! and I have real proof that its working. I know its working beforehand but if you have a new testimony even after 7 years of using it, well that's something isn't it?


How about you? What's your testimony?  Can you share it on the comments below? :)

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