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BAMA's Secret to the Purest Form of Food and We are Bringing it to You


BAMA Food AlphaMeta | Hashtag HealThy


AlphaMeta with Alpha PSP Food for the Cell | Hashtag HealThy


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Did you know that our cells are the most important part of the body? why? because our cells and the health of our cells determine the overall health of our body.

JM's products come from the concept of BAMA. Bama is a place in China where the oldest person living is at 135 years old. crazy right/ but yes, its true. and our scientists have found out that there are 5 reasons why, their environment has a perfect place for SUNLIGHT, AIR, WATER, FOOD, BIOMAGNET. So our goal is bringing BAMA to wherever we are. So with our ALPHAMETA, you are eating like the fresh food in BAMA. as we all know, modern times, no matter how "healthy" or "organic" it is, are we so sure that the food is really that organic? the good news is, ALPHA META IS 100% ORGANIC. we used ducks for fertilizer, earthworms to have quality soil, frogs and fish as our insecticide. and even the waste of these animals are also part of the fertilizer. AlphaMeta is harvested only once a year. and what's more, its NOT the whole brown rice but only the center where Alpha PSP is found. Alpha PSP is the basic food of the cell. it's predigested, meaning, even if it doesn't pass the whole digestive system and even just placed under the tongue, the effect is INSTANT. '

Alpha Meta | Hashtag HealThy


Extracted from organic rice harvest from Thailand, AlphaMeta contains the highest quality of natural plant source energy, which will make cells more physically active, so your whole family can enjoy a life of health and longevity!


Initiating the Momentum
of Vitality and Longevity

AlphaMeta is whole grain-based nutritional supplement extracted from specially selected rice strains cultivated organically. It provides a complete range of nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and polysaccharides that stimulates the production of bio-energy (ATP) and revitalizes the body systems in order to achieve balanced health.

A Complete Functional Food
of New Trend


Alpha Meta - Organic Worms | Hashtag HealThyAlpha Meta - Organic Ducks | hashtag HealThyAlpha Meta - Organic Frogs | Hashtag HealtThyAlpha Meta - Organic Fish | Hashtag HealThy

1. Most primitive food for human being
2. Special ingredients to produce superior quality food
a. Ecologically balanced organic farming:
- Stimulation of organic soil by earthworm
- Natural fertilizers by fishes & frogs
- Weed growth maintenance by ducks
- Free from any synthetic fertilizers & chemical herbicides which yields all-natural rice grains
b. International organic certification by USDA & EU
3. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) free, additives free and safe for consumption
4. A food high in bioactive compounds, produced via a unique patented extraction technology



Product Endorsement
by Medical Experts


Dr. Somchai Boonchuen - Ph. D (Thailand)

Research & Development Director, MacroFood Tech Co. Ltd

Energy determines the survival of all life. Low energy and energy metabolism problem is the main cause of our body impairment. AlphaMeta provides a solid base to support good health and keeps our body cells active.”

Dr. Mark Smith Ph.D., N.D.

President & Chairman of the Board University of Natural Medicine, USA

AlphaMeta is a special product. It can provide the energy to the cells, promoting good physical and mental functions. In these 25 years, I have not come across any other health products with clinical trials comparable to AlphaMeta. It can rapidly increase our body’s energy and is indeed the best anti-aging cellular food.”


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AlphaMeta Certificates

Directions to Use

Using the spoon provided, sprinkle 1 scoop (10g) onto 150-300ml warm water. Let it settle for 5 to 10 mins or until the powder has completely been diluted. Stir and Drink.





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 For Full Nutritional Cellular Benefits, Use Hydrogen water when making AlphaMeta through  Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker


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