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Do you love using your mobile phones or laptop?

How many hours a day do you spend watching television or playing video games?

How many hours a day does your child use smart phones to play?

Are they protected from EMF radiation?


JM Bio Magentic Field | Hashtag HealThy


AlphaSpin: BAMA's  Secret to the Best

Magnetic Field and We are Bringing it to You

AlphaSpin Remove EMF and Radiation | Hashtag HealThy

Bring BAMA HOME with AlphaSpin
A Revolution of Environmental Protection from EMFs!
A Powerful Holistic Wellness Tool!
AlphaSpin | Hashtag HealThy
Infused with Proprietary Spinning Frequency producing powerful resonance capable of transferring spinning energy, AlphaSpin can help to establish a quantum energy field and thus protect you and your loved ones by harmonizing the negative frequency such as EMFs in your surrounding environment.
Harmful Effects of
Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

Nowadays, we are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) coming from electrical appliances, mobile phone, WiFi, computers, microwave ovens, air conditioning systems, and etc...

Constant exposure to EMF significantly contributes to the onset of adverse health effects such as recurrent headaches, poor quality sleep, fatigue, dizziness, autism, attention deficit disorder, hormonal dysfunction, abnormal behavioural patterns and etc...

Source: British Department of Health; Health Protection Agency & World Health Organization

AlphaSpin is the BEST SOLUTION to counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation emanating from mobile phones, computers, TV, cars, planes, electrical appliances, and etc.



has been known to

 Create a natural Quantum Energy Field

 Generate hexagonal water clusters known as crystal water

 Improve absorption and increases hydration

 Improve blood circulation

 Improve plant growth and speeds up seed germination

 Reduce wrinkles by hydrating the skin and activating collagen and elastin

 Improve metabolism and hereby slows down the process of aging

 Harmonize the living environment even when surrounded by harmful EMF

 Enhance the absorption of facial and body creams

 Facilitate the flow of energy when combined with reflexology

 Improve the quality of air and the environment when used with a diffuser

 Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

 Improve the quality of sleep

The Spinning Energy emitted by AlphaSpin travels through water, light, and sound. Using A Led Light Tool exclusively made for AlphaSpin enhances its effects and therefore provides faster results. Watch our Compilation Videos of AlphaSpin Testimony posted on our YouTube Channel to  see how it is used.



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Dog, Cat or Animal Lover?

Use AlphaSpin and see how well will they react to the effects of AlphaSpin. Did you know that fish becomes more vibrant and lively  with AlphaSpin? Dogs and cats gets a better fur with AlphaSpin as well.

Green Thumb?

use the AlphaSpin to water the garden by allowing the water from the hose to go through the hole and you'll see how your plants will blossom. 

Love long and warm baths?

Place AlphaSpin in a bath top to recharge your body.



How to Use AlphaSpin for Therapy?

Some Testimonials

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AlphaSpin is NOT a medical device or tool. It should not be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice or intended as a substitute for professional medical opinion. Alpha Spin cannot be used to diagnose, treat and prevent any disease.


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