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Gum Alive Mouth Spa Toothpaste

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Swollen and Bleeding gums?


Bad Breath?

Dry Mouth?

Receding Gums?

Mouth Sore and Ulcers?

Sensitive Teeth?

Discolored Teeth?


Teeth and gum problems?



Gum  Alive Spa Toothpaste is the first Mouth Spa toothpaste, a natural solution for  all these.

If you want REAL DEEP CLEANING, this is for you.

It's Anti-bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Freshens Breath and Helps in Periodontal Repair.

GumAlive's main active ingredients are from herbal and natural extracts, which have therapeutic properties and produce natural fragrance, which is why it is highly recommended by dental professionals.



- Net weight: 100g

- Comes in 3 Variants: Whitening, Special Gum Care and Fresh Breath

Gum Alive Special Gum Care is suitable for tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, mouth ulcer and bleeding gums. It is also essential in reducing inflammation and irritation, while killing bacteria.

Ancient Herbal Journal recorded the use of Bodhical Extract boiling water as mouthwash for the treatment of gingivitis and bleeding gums. This ancient knowledge has been integrated into the special formula of Bodhical Extract in GumAlive Special Gum Care.


There's a reason it's called a mouthspa toothpaste. GumAlive Toothpaste is the world's first integration of “Bodhical™ Extract”, substance derived from widely known sacred fig tree.


- Periodontal Repair 

- Total Mouth and Oral Repair 

- Deep Cleaning

- Anti-inflammatory

- Anti-bacterial

- Freshens Breath

- Whitens Teeth


GumAlive is already concentrated, so you only need a small amount with every use. You can already experience results in 1 week.




 Love drinking coffee, tea, carbonated drinks? Take it from a dentistry student! For healthy clean and natural white teeth, try GumAlive's Natural Whitening Toothpaste for yourself too and share us your experience!


Gum Alive MouthSpa ToothPaste | Hashtag HealThy

Take the dentist's advice! Try GumAlive's three variants and notice the positive change in your dental health.


Here's an expert's feedback about GumAlive! Try our toothpaste for yourself and share us your feedback too!

Here's a dentistry student's feedback on GumAlive toothpaste! Share us your experience upon using GumAlive!


What makes Gum Alive's mouth spa toothpastes stand out among other brands? Here's a feedback from a dentistry student!

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