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AlphaMeta Frequently Asked Questions

AlphaMeta Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Is it safe for pregnant and lactating women? How about children?

A1: Yes, this product has no side effect. it's basically food - Non GMO (Non Genetically Modified). So it's actually a SAFER choice than what we usually buy as our snacks and some food where the meat is injected with chemicals or the chicken are fed with chemicals/hormones to make them mature faster. Here's the recommended intakeAlphaMeta Serving Suggestions | Hashtag HealThy


Note that 1 scoop is 10g. Scooper already included in every purchase of the AlphaMeta bottle) 


Q2: What does it taste like?

A2: It tastes like rice water. 


Q3: How true is it that it is "pre digested" and absorbed immediately by the cells?

A3: That's the beauty of Alpha PSP, it's readily absorbed by the cells because it is the food of the cells. In fact we have a demo of this product that in just 10 seconds, you'll get the nutrition instantly. Schedule an actual demo with us to see it yourself. 

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