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AlphaSpin Frequently Asked Questions

AlphaSpin Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How Effective is AlphaSpin? How true is its claims?

A1: AlphaSpin is a highly certified wellness tool. Effectiveness differs per person's need and body. To better appreciate AlphaSpin, we suggest to have a scheduled actuak demo of the product. You can also watch our Compilation Videos of AlphaSpin Testimony posted in our Youtube Channel


Q2: It says it's a Technically Engineered Glass. So you mean to say its breakable?

A2: Yes, that's why we have a separate AlphaSpin protector which we give to our clients for free everytime they purchase in Cash or Credit card straight payments. It looks something like this:

Alphaspin and AlphaSPin Mini | Hashtag HealThy


You can also put the AlphaSpin in its box to hold it and prevent from breaking


Q3: How long will it's effect and lifespan lasts?

A3: As long as it does not break. 


Q4: If it breaks and I glue it together will it still work?

A4: Think of it as your hair and you decide to cut it short, and after having the haircut you change your mind again and you try to put the old cut hair back. What will happen? It  doesn't stick right? You'll just have to grow it back. Same with the AlphaSpin not that it grows back. But the same meaning if it breaks no more effect. Irreparable. Have it replaced or the best way is really take care of and not to break it.


Q5: Where is it made from?

A5: It's made in Germany.


Q6: What's the difference between Blue and Gold colors?

A6: There's no significant difference in terms of effect or what it does. It's basically just your color preference

With these being said, are you ready get a healthier life naturally with our help? Are you decided to have a change in your lifestyle?

If you are, then Purchase AlphaSpin Now!