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Angels' Secret Negative Ion Core Napkin Frequently Asked Questions

Angels' Secret Negative Ion Core Pads Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can it help me with my problems as claimed?

A1. If you have seen the demo, you will understand how ordinary pads would create and cause problems for women. Because of the quality and the toxic materials being used. For one, women uses an average of 15,000 pcs of sanitary napkins in her lifetime. Second, the negative ion patently embedded in the napkin is antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti viral. Meaning, if you have UTI, what medications are given to you? That's right antibiotics/anti bacterial. (If you haven't seen the demo, please book a demo with us soonest so you can actually see it yourself)


Q2. How do we use the product?
A2. Use liner for daily use and Napkins during menses.It's a very simple product that addresses the real silent problem of women - the use of ordinary, commercialized pads and liners. This is not a drug. This is a natural product. 

Q3. Can pregnant women use this?

A3. If you got pregnant because of the product (yes, it helps you become pregnant
if you want to have a child because it will naturally balance your hormones), Then we suggest CONTINUE using it because, the fetus is so used with such environment. It helps to have a healthy baby. HOWEVER, if you are already pregnant and you plan to start using it and you are on your first trimester, then we suggest wait for the second or 3rd trimester before using it. The product has a detox effect, thus if you use the product and you have cysts or myoma, tendency, it will detox this inside of you and because the fetus is still small during the first trimester, Then it may cause some problems. And we don't want that to happen

Q4. Can women who recently gave birth use it?

A4. Certainly! In fact, it will hasten the healing process down there.
Q5. Can I just use the liner and not the pads?

A5. It's up to you, but remember, if you keep depositing harmful chemicals on your private area
during menses then there's no change. We highly suggest a lifestyle change

Q6. Can I just use the pads and not the liner? Because my OB said, it's not good to have liners all the time

A6. If you are talking about ordinary commercialized liners, then definitely, it is not good for our health.
But if you are talking about our Angel's Secret, then it will actually be very beneficial to
you and helps you prevent and unwanted illnesses down there when used daily
Q7: How long will it take for me to experience the effects of the negative ion?

A7: the negative ion placed on the pads is activated by making it wet, so the moment a woman uses it, it's actually activated
already because women have their usual daily discharge. But if you are asking me how long will your problem (ex. PCOS, irregularities) will it take to remove eventually is a case to case basis because we have different bodies because initially the body will have to DETOX everything first. So just imagine the more ordinary pads we've been using in our lifetime means more to detox

Q8: How come that a pack of 10 pcs for day, 8 pcs for night, 6 pcs for extra long can last up to 2 to 3 months?

A8: this question is better answered with an actual demo, so book a demo with us and be amazed! :)

Q9: Is it true that even men use the liner?

A9: a big YES! To help prevent or correct prostate problems and even UTI, erectile dysfunction and sperm count

Q10: If I am on pills, can this affect my pill intake?

A10: No, it will not. The product is just to give you an alternative of the current available products that
has a very low, quality with health hazards (as seen on demo) and help those with current problems through a high quality product.

Plus an embedded negative ion to combat such illnesses. So no worries if you are on pills.

Q11: If I stop using it, will my problems come back?

A11: the main reason why this product is invented was to give a solution to the current available pads in the market that may be
cheaper yet hazardous to our health (see Angel's Secret Full Product Video). If you stop using this, then you'll be depositing
again those recycled paper, bleach, chemical,plastic-all those junk in your private area
and yes, there's a Big chance, it will come back
Q12: Bakit hindi siya madikit? (Why doesn't it stick to my underwear that much?)
A12: if you've seen the demo, you will know that all materials used are food grade. And thus the adhesive used is a food grade adhesive. The reason why it's not that sticky? Is because you've put so much Fabric conditioner. That's why we suggest DON'T USE FABRIC CONDITIONER when washing your underwear. Aside from the chemicals from these conditioners which is harmful! , it alters the stick on capability of the adhesive used.

Q13: Pwede ba gumamit ang menopause at mga naoperahan nito? (Can women who are already on the menopausal stage or those who had undergone an operation down there causing no monthly visitors still use this?)
A13: Definitely! Because women with these cases have an altered hormonal state. They are more prone to illnesses. Menopause women can even need HRT or Hormonal Replacement Therapy at times because they do not produce enough estrogen that the body needs. That's why menopausal women are more prone to UTI.
Q14: Where is this made from?
A14: It's assembled and made in China, distributed in over 35 countries including USA.
Q15: Made in China? So it's a low quality product?
A15: Most of the products right now are Made in China including mobile phones such as Samsung and I phone and they are not fakes. You can have a technician open up your phones and see inside the chips. (I know, I was also shocked when they opened my phone when i was having it repaired) But the question is, is it of low quality? no right? because China has the lowest production cost and man power costing. Of course, undeniably there are other products Made in China that are of low quality because they are imitation products. That's why always check on certifications and labels for any product that you plan to purchase. Make sure that you are only buying from reputable people. Whether it's made in China or Made in Columbia or Made in the Philippines or Made in Taiwan, always search for certifications and quality control checks.
PS: Some of the materials of this product come from Japan like the Super absorbent core  layer.
Q16: Why does it have an expiration date
A16: Aside from maintaining its quality, the materials in making this product is of food grade. That's the reason why there's a 3 years expiration date. IT'S SAFE. Imagine if you buy napkins and liners that you don't even know if its been manufactured for years already. Tsk tsk. That's why always check the dates. Manufacturing date is different from Expiration Date - Always check these 2 dates to assure you of long term safety.
Q17: I keep reading Negative Ion Core. So what is a Negative Ion Core?
A17: Full Compiled information about Negative Ions Here
Q18: It is said that we will experience detox on initial use. What is Detox/detoxification/healing crisis?
A18: As we all know that JM's products are all natural and uses science and technology to create natural energy and environment, naturally we would have to experience the detox process in all of our products.
when we say healthy, it doesn’t mean that there is no disease. being healthy is a state of balance and goodness in all areas. Disease is DIS-EASE , a body that’s not at ease. Disease happens when a cell in our body is not working efficiently that can be due to an injury, trauma, nutrient deficiency, toxicity,lack of communication with other surrounding body structures or a combination of everything. We get these factors through our lifestyle, diet, habits and emotions and by natural law, with compounding effect, the body gets disease and imbalances.Disease remains until we get rid of what causes it.
our bodies are very intelligent. Thank God. because our bodies know why it got sick, how it got sick and how to heal it. when the body is provided with optimal conditions, it can heal itself. however, nowadays, why do we need a lot of “stuff” just to get healed if indeed the body can heal itself? why? because we are now bombarded with a lot of toxins from food, drinks, radiation, pollution, metabolic wastes and these becomes a barrier to let the body self heal. As these toxins get accumulated more and more, the diseases worsens.

When we resolve these bodily issues naturally such as detoxification and hydration, fatty tissues get burned and dissolved for cleansing thus the toxic wastes that are embedded in the fatty tissues of the cells will be mobilized into the blood. when the accumulated toxins in the blood are too much for the kidneys to eliminate, the patient will experience symptoms as if the disease has worsened. Some reactions include skin eruptions, headache, nausea, body pains, boils or any other way the body uses to eliminate toxins. This condition is known as healing crisis. The initial stage usually lasts around three days but may last more if the energy level of the patient is low.
Symptoms of the healing crisis may mimic the diseases it intends to heal at first. the important difference is that elimination-- or the cleansing, purifying process-- is underway and stored wastes are in a free-flowing state. Sometimes the symptoms during the healing crisis are more severe than that of the chronic disease itself, but they are TEMPORARY AND NECESSARY. Its because every body system works together to eliminate the waste products and set the body for regeneration. A disease occurs when the body cannot make it through its natural healing crisis for one reason or another.

During the healing crisis, the body needs much WATER to help eliminate the toxins. REST is necessary. At times, the patient has to go several cycles of the healing crisis, especially when the diseases developed over a long period of time. Often, the crisis will come after one feels his very best and is most energized. Most people feel an energy boost at the beginning until the toxins start dumping into the blood stream for elimination. Undergo the natural way slowly so that elimination of the toxic wastes is gradual and more comfortable. when these undesirable symptoms occur, work with the body instead of resenting it.

These healthy changes you feel after the healing crisis will remain as long as you embrace a CONTINUES healthy supportive lifestyle and continue to honor your body. Give it what it needs to constantly create strong, new tissues and you will be rewarded with utmost health, vitality and longevity.
Q18: Do you have a personal Testimony of the Product?
A18: Yes, we are not ordinary "salesmen". We ourselves have proven and tested these products. You can read our Personal Testimony about Angel's Secret on our Testimonials Page.
Angels Secret FAQ| Hashtag HealThy
As a health educator, I feel sad for people na gagamit lang ng product kasi may simpleng problem, and pag Okay na titigil. Ginagawa nilang gamot ang product. Kasi mas pricey daw kesa sa "ordinary" pads and liners. Kasi wala naman daw silang nararamdaman na. But they don't see the bigger picture. You keep using ordinary, commercialized pads and liners and keep depositing stuff down there and you wonder bakit ang dami mong sakit o nararamdaman? How much will you spend paying your hospitalization, bills and medicines in the long term? How much will you suffer with the pain and emotional outbursts of having illness in the future?
How many times do we want to undergo the knife?
We sell this product not just for sales alone but because we care.
Sabi ko nga, kahit di ko ibenta gagamit at gagamit talaga ako. I have been in other businesses before starting with this product. I have higher profits with other businesses, but I continuesly share this because I believe the value this can give to anyone who uses it. But at the end of the day, it's all about our priorities. How much do we value our health? If only I can transfer my mind to all the women out there. Alas, it's a personal decision. And whatever decision we make, there will always be consequences - good or bad. I pray for enlightenment for everyone. Be Super Blessed!
Q19: Why is the negative ion strip on the liner white in color? Is this fake?
A19: It's not fake, it's just to differentiate the liner from the napkin. in 2009 it started as only all green but in 2014, they changed the liner negative ion strip into white. Please Watch this Video.

After Reading all these Frequently Asked Questions, Are you ready to  start a lifestyle change and get healthier? Then Purchase an Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core for you!
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