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Bzz World Travel Club Member Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Friend, 

You're in this page because you have more questions as a Bzz World Travel Club Member. Either you already bought the package or just have more specific questions.


Here's some guide.


1. How to start and purchase Bzz World Travel Club Member Package?

You have 2 options: 
Bzz World Travel
Email us ( / SMS/VIBER: +639081130529 for your Placement ID:
Get an activation code from us
(Send us your complete name and email address. Email: or Viber/Whatsapp: +639081130529) once you get the code. Register at and click "Distributor" for registration.
Bzz World Travel Distributor | Hashtag HealThy


Bzz world travel activation code | Hashtag HealThy


2. How do you use your referral Saving Points?

Referral saving points are simply the points (this is equivalent to money) that your friend can use to have additional savings as they book on their hotels, car rentals or activities. It does not apply to flights, cruises and weeky stays.


Here's a video to show you.



3. How and when do I get the E voucher that can be used for flights?

As Bzz Travel Club Members, we earn in 2 ways. For every purchase of Top up for Bzz Saver Points by our private referrals (preferred customers) we get rewarded with an E voucher product or travel credits that we can use to pay for flights too. Remember, Bzz Saver points are not eligible  to use as a saving discount for flights and weekly stays but the good news is, because you are a Bzz World Travel Member, you are eligible to have additional discounts through travel credits with flights too.



Once they top up their Bzz Saver Points, your Travel credits will be given to you in 1 month. This is not convertible to cash on hand.It's like an e wallet, a ready cash that you can use on your next travel bookings.

Here's specific details on how you will earn based on top up from reload of Bzz Saver Points.


how to earn from to up

The second way to earn as a Bzz Travel Club Member is by sharing the beauty, the advantages, the benefits, the excitement of being a Bzz World Travel Club Member  to your friends and colleagues who also want to earn while travelling (Why not?). .It's like your new year's resolution aka #fitnessgoals. You joined a fitness class and unknowingly and slowly, you gained results with a new toned body. yes it was not overnight, but the results were getting addictive that you did it 3 to 4x  a week. and your friends started to notice it. You urge your friends to get fit and join you in your next classes. not only did you they get fit too, you were able to spend more time with them with every class you take.

The same when you share about being Bzz World Travel Club Members. And once you take it seriously, you and your friends will be attending trainings, online and offline, together to develop your skills too.

You will get your referral bonus on the 2nd week from date they joined

 This is not applicable for regular Preferred customers but only to Bzz World Travel Club Members.

4. I already consumed my Bzz Saver Points and Bzz Referral Points, how can I purchase more?

Because Bzz World Travel is in partnership with JM International, as a Bzz World Club Member, you automatically become a JM International Distributor. So all you have to do is log in at your JM back office and purchase top up of Bzz Saver Points and Referrer Points from there.

5. Is there a difference in the  earning potential with the Club Packages?

Yes, aside from the number of referral and saver points that you get, you also earn more when you are at the Diamond level. You earn 60% for Gold and 100% for Diamond. That's actually a huge difference.