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Bzz World Travel Frequently Asked Questions (Exclusive Access)

Hello there! You're in!

So you have your code now. What should you do? this is an EXCLUSIVE ACCCESS,

Here's some of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS we gathered for you:


(NOTE: if you still have no activation code, please email us   at, Subject  "REQUESTING BWT ACTIVATION CODE")


 "An educated customer is the best customer"


  1. How do I redeem and use this code?


The code you have been give is an exclusive access code. We cannot enter and check Bzz World Travel deals  without registering first. This code allows you to register and enter. Please watch this video.


2. How come the prices are so cheap as what you claim? Cheaper than other Online Travel Agents (OTA's) who has been in the market for quite some time already. Is it really possible?


We are cheaper because unlike Online Travel Agents (OTA), we do not spend on heavy advertisement. Did you know that OTA's  profit revenues lies heavily on marketing and advertising costing and expenses? They work with credit cards, magazines, newspapers, FB ads and so on all for marketing. And because they are public, it is natural for such prices to vary in small increments only when we compare them to prevent  public price wars.

   Bzz World Travel is member based and works with private referrals only that's why we do not compete with public market and there's no advertisement costing (because it's only via WORD OF MOUTH marketing or Personal Posting) thus Bzz World Travel can indeed provide WHOLESALE PRICES and earning opportunitieswhich Public OTA'S do not give.

 Add it up with BZZ WORLD TRAVEL (BWT) member exclusive Saver Points on top of these rock bottom prices!!


BZZ WORLD TRAVEL only gives exclusive access to JMI Members and their referrals.


  1. What does Bzz World Travel Offer?

It provides limited offers and exclusive deals with it's members on FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CRUISE, WEEKLY STAY, CAR RENTAL, TOURS AND ACTIVITIES, RESORTS all at cut-rate prices  EVEN WITH TAX INCLUDED ALREADY! Nope, not the base price but the total price. ALL IN!


Bzz world Travel | Hashtag HealThy
Bzz world Travel | Hashtag HealThy

and what's more?







And for those who desire to have atravel business. This is the most lucrative ad easiest platform available in the market. No need to put up and rent an outlet!

 unique selling proposition for bzz world travel | Hasshtag HealThy

When you log in to your account, you'll be able to see real time the price difference of BWT against 8 other online booking engines. Awesome right?

Just log in and compare the prices. If you're satisfied, book it.


  1. If Bzz World Travel is an exclusive platform and I want to use it, how do I log in?

First, get your activation code. Please note that Preferred customers need an activation code from us to register. 

(Please email: with "SUBJ: REQUESTING FOR BWT ACTIVATION CODE" to get the Bzz World Travel Activation Code to register and proceed.) 

Wait for our email and register (Please see question 1 on how to re redeem and register)

After Registering, you may now log in to your Bzz World Travel account and start searching, comparing the prices, and book. It's that simple. :) 


Bzz world travel activation code | Hashtag HealThy

 Watch this Tutorial on How to Log In:

  1. How do I book and Pay?

An online platform needs a convenient way to send and receive payments. We use Paypal primarily for security purposes, we also have debit cards (visa and mastercard) and credit cards facility.

Bzz World Travel How to Book | Hashtag HealThy 

Here's a video tutorial on How to Search, Book and Pay with Bzz World Travel

  1. What's the difference between Time Sharing Property and Weekly Stay?

 Time Sharing Property is buying a "Time Share" (shared time) of a property that allows you to stay for 1 to 2 weeks in a year in certain hotels in the world in a certain time of the year only (most of the time, their rules don't allow you to use it during peak season). Usually you need to by 10 to 20 years membership before we can avail it (which usually costs a lot by the way). In reality, owners of such don't really use it. On average, they use only 1 week and they forfeit the second week. So there's a lot of left out properties that are not utilized and that's where our Weekly Stay comes in. That's where these forfeited weeks go. They are sold in or weekly stay in a very very very good price. but unlike Time Share that only allows booking on certain dates, weekly stay allows booking anytime - no black out dates (terms and conditions apply per property). Another good thing with Weekly stay is that it's partnered with condotels and resorts. Yes resorts! at very affordable deals!

Weekly Stays is a booking for 8 days and 7 nights. Like the photo below. It's  $129 (TAX INCLUDED/TOTAL PRICE) for 7 nights already so it's like $19 a day and can be shared by up to 6 people(some properties up to 8)  Amazing deal right? 

 Weekly Stay Bzz world holiday

It's a little bit like Air BNB but some properties can be better because it's a resort or condotel type. And some deals are actually better just like this $129 weekly stay.

And we have 250,000 weekly properties to choose from


  1. What do you mean by 110% Price Guarantee?

If in the event that you find a cheaper rate (same room,same class, same everything) and you see that another platform gives a cheaper rate on public price (excluding use of vouchers) and report it within 24 hours, then we give you a refund at 110% from the price. So if you booked a hotel at 100 USD and you found somewhere with 90 USD rate (provided it's same place, same class, same everything), report it within 24 hours and we give you back 110 USD!

This is how confident we are that's why we give you this chance and challenge at the same time. 

This is applicable to Hotels, car rental, cruise and activities only.

To get the price guarantee refund, you can report it at the lower panel inside your account.

 bzz world travel price guarantee


  1. What do you mean by Save up to 50% off? Doesn't the regular OTA's give those already? So how can you be cheaper?

Our 50% off is like double 50% off in reality. How? because it's already up to 50% off of the 50% off of the public price of the OTA's. Amazing right? and it's not limited offer. It's a forever offer because again, there's no advertising or marketing costing (see Question 1).

  1. Why doesn't the "up to 50% rock bottom prices" and "110% price guarantee" apply to flights and Weekly stays?

Because there's a general rule to follow for flights and most prices will be the same or just small increments (but still discounted. try it for yourself).We follow their standard pricing. Whereas some properties for weekly stay have time shares activated for that given date and may at that time be just comparable to our pricing.

But the good news is, there's NO BLACK OUT DATES unlike time share properties; you can book anytime without restrictions.

There's also NO FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS unlike regular online platforms that give you seat sales on selected dates or seat sales for Base fares only excluding the tax. So you are assured that you get the cheapest rates even if you fly on that same day.

Aside from that, Bzz World Travel (BWT) is a comprehensive all in one platform that you don't need to use different apps or sites just to have all of these bookings. Isn't it convenient?

  1. What is Bzz Saver Points?

These are points that you can use to get additional savings on top of the low priced options.. You can top up/ load these Bzz Saver Points anytime you want to get more discounts. 

Think of Bzz Saver Points as your Discount Load Card. When you enter your Bzz World Travel Account, you can load up your Bzz Saver Points. 1 USD is equivalent to 5 Saver Points (5 USD)  to be used when purchasing for hotels, car rentals and tours and activities.

Cheaper top up options are available for Bzz World Travel Club Members

 Bzz Saver Points Bzz World Travel | Hashtag HealThy

so that's

 Bzz Saver Points, Bzz World Travel | Hashtag HealThy

other examples using Bzz Saver Points with Bzz World Travel:

 Bzz Saver Points Bzz World Travel | Hashtag HealThy

These prices include Taxes already. not the Base Price like the usual OTA posted prices but the prices when you check out our cart already. 


So our goal is to have more Bzz Saver Points!!!


  1. How do you top up Bzz Saver Points?

 Please watch this video on how to load your Bzz Saver Points (for Preferred Customers)

  1. How come Bzz Saver points is only applicable to Hotels, car rentals and tours and activities? Is there a way that I can also use for flights?

Yes, there's a way. It is through e-Product Promo voucher which is only available to Bzz World Travel Club Members. 

  1. Can I try it out first before I purchase the travel club member package?

Surely, you will be considered as a Preferred Customer. Please send us an email at or SMS/VIBER/WHATSAPP +639081130529 and we can send you your activation code and you can now register on Bzz World Travel Website as a Preferred Customer. Kindly await for our email and make sure to send us the correct email so you won't miss our Special Gift! 

 how to get bzz world travel activation code

  1. If in the event I'd love the full member package already, can I upgrade my status from Preferred Customer to Distributor Member?

Definitely, inside your Preferred customer account, you can just click the upgrade membership button and pay the desired package. Remember, higher package means more Saver Points and More Referral Points.

 How to Uprgrade from Preferred Customer to Distributor Bzz World Travel Club Member

  1. What's the advantage of being a Bzz World Travel Club Member/ Distributor aside from being part of the Bzz Travel Club and exclusive member discounts and points?

First advantage, members can earn from Bzz World Travel when you make your own referrals (This is where the Referral points are needed. Higher Member Package provides more referrer points) Referrer Points are the points that you wlll use to market Bzz World Travel to your friends and family. Send them the points and once they use it, you earn plus travel fund credits!


 Bzz Holiday, Bzz World Travel referrer Points

As simple as that you can actually be your own Travel Agent and make it as your own home based business.

A business that's:

 - Zero inventory (all you have to do is post and market),

Minimal Business Expense (you only need an internet connection)

- Low investment (3 Packages to choose from Gold, Platinum or Diamond. Diamond package offers the highest points both on saver and referral points)

Low Risk (seriously, what would be the risk? You travel and save more and your friends are happy when you give them discounts. What a win-win situation)

Freedom to run you business anytime and anywhere (Hell yeah, as long as you have an internet connection!)

Freaking awesome right?

You can also click this LINK to learn more on How to Earn from Bzz World Travel and how to join as a Bzz World Travel Club Member

  1. How can I earn from Bzz World Travel? How to be a Bzz World Travel Distributor?

 How to Earn From Bzz World travel  as a Bzz world Travel Distributor

Click the photo above to learn more on How to Earn from Bzz World Travel


Still have questions that are not answered above?

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