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Hello there!
Congratulations and Welcome to the Family!
I am Patricia, and I will be your guide throughout your distributor journey. 
Becoming a distributor/partner-buyer/member may impact not just your life but the lives of many people through you.
Being into something new and something you have no idea about on how to start or on how to move from joining/signing up can be a struggle. Especially if you started as a person who just loved the product and wanted to earn some additional source of income.  I know, it was a struggle for me too until I emerged learning with FDI system. Some also sign up as a distributor because they found some higher calling. And that is to be able to serve the people through you. This business is really about people helping people. They may or may not have the money that they desire yet, but they just want to have some purpose. Yes, we have them in the community and we are lucky to learn from their point of view as well. Whatever your reasons or the cause that you'd like to work for, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and we are looking forward to work with you. We will be with you and support you, guide you, mentor you, teach you until you will be able to stand on your own well-built, stable business empire. Nothing worth having comes easy. It's gonna be a journey together.
By the way, Distributors are recognized in the system through their codes. Your Distributor code includes the country where you where registered in (note we are in more than 35 countries and counting!) and 7 or 8 numbers after that, which signifies you are the nth number of distributor all over the world. Example is  PH1309659, which was registered in the Philippines and was the 1 millionth plus distributor when he/she was registered at that time. 
You also have your own distributor website/back office and I'll be discussing that in future emails/personal one on one to assist you
Whatever country you may be in right now, please make sure to update/sign up the bank of choice of our country branch so that you can get your commissions as soon as you build your business. Different countries, different rules so please email me separately if you have questions about it.
Just to give you a recap on your Benefits as a distributor, here they are:  
-You get to start your very own business anytime, anywhere with the lowest risk and investment compared to other big multinational business start ups. (How much did you start with? Yes, you just bought the product/s at a big bulk discount and all you had to do is register with the Distributor Application Form and you are in for the long haul!)
-You get an opportunity to start your business not just locally but internationally as well (Like I said, we are in 35 plus countries already - See this video. It's not a matter of where you are but where you want to be. You can choose to just stay in your country or expand to other countries in the future)
-You get special trainings that will help you grow your business. (We send weekly inputs to grow your mindset and we also have weekly meetings so you can mingle and learn from other like minded individuals who have the same goals and aspirations as you do. Being an entrepreneur is different. It requires a different mindset and a different skill set from what we got used to. Maybe you have a job, maybe you own a small business and you have some skills and mindset that was acquired through the years. Our 90 Day Mentoring Program will guide you in your first 90 days to help you head start our journey)
-You get one on one coaching to give you a personalized approach to learning (I and my mentors will be with you through this journey, my commitment to you will be my promise. As long as you have the heart and you are also willing to learn and commit to yourself,  we will never stop helping you. Our sincere desire is to help you grow. To become bigger than you really are, to gain the confidence, to gain the skills necessary to become a great entrepreneur.)
-You get to have additional incentives such as Five Star Travel all over the world as you increase your productivity, sales and leadership (This is because we partnered with JM, the company who provides this amazing platform through the products and through our commissions)
-You get to grow yourself (leadership, personality, skills, character) as your business grows with you. (As mentioned earlier, wanting to be an entrepreneur is one thing and being an entrepreneur is another thing. It is a journey of personal development. We and FDI system is ready to guide you. Are your ready?)    
If you like what you read above, let me now start giving you some orientation videos for you to equip yourself and understand what being a distributor really is. As our Chief Mentor, Dr. Yong always reminds us.. If you want to earn, you gotta learn.. The faster you learn and apply, the faster you will be able to level up..   So let's start your first real world business education.  
There will be 5 Video Series (each series has 3 to 10 videos) to equip you before you set out into the world. Each video has reflection questions. After finishing the 5 Video Series, I urge you to give us a call/heads up so we can further discuss how we can progress from here. How fast you finish these videos depends on you. Everyone has their own pace. At the end of the day, it is your deep desire and your personal commitment. 



Video #1 What is your Reason Why?


Video #2: Understanding where our money comes from

Video #3: Understanding our Business Model


Video #4: Why did FDI choose to partner with JM?



Because you've reached this point, I assume you have finished watching these 4 videos and assume have reflected the guide questions too..


I know you have  a lot of dreams, goals and drive that have just resurfaced. But, can I be frank?

 If you're going to do this, you better say “I'm gonna give it a 5 year commitment. I'm gonna give a full shot for at least 5 years.” because whether it's being an entrepreneur, playing baseball or football.. Quitters never win. And most people when the going gets tough and the problems seem insurmountable, they quit. And that's why they never become successful in life.


FDI is the support group of people who want the best for you. But you have to give your best also. That's why consider a 5 year commitment that you'll do your best and all out heart for the next 5 years. I can almost assure this that if you do and you do your best, you'll be a completely different human being at the end of the period.

I know.. it sounds like.. whaattt? But listen, we are really really serious in helping you. The question now is, how serious are you?

If you are,  then let me take you to your next level. Here's the Next Video Series. => Video Series 2

Distributor Video Series 2


  After watching these 4 videos from Video Series 1, I assume your deeper reason has been reignited.. I'd like to get to know you more and would like to understand where you are coming from so that I would be able to know how to help you in your journey. Please fill up this form