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Ezeno Essential Oil Organic Toothpaste Frequently Asked Questions

Ezeno Essential Oil Organic Toothpaste Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Is it true that it can help repair gum and teeth diseases?


A1: It was produced and manufactured with the primary intention of periodontal repair.

 So Ezeno is not your ordinary toothpaste but rather the non-medicated way to really address problems relate to our  oral care.


Q2: Is it true that Periodontal Diseases can cause even major health concerns?


A2: In recent years, gum disease has been linked to other health problems. This is a new and exciting area of research. Many questions remain. Studies have produced varying answers about how much of a connection exists between gum disease and other medical problems. More research is needed.

Researchers are studying possible connections between gum disease and:

  • Atherosclerosis and heart disease — Gum disease may increase the risk of clogged arteries and heart disease. It also is believed to worsen existing heart disease.
  • Stroke — Gum disease may increase the risk of the type of stroke that is caused by blocked arteries.
  • Premature births — A woman who has gum disease during pregnancy may be more likely to deliver her baby too early. The infant may be more likely to be of low birth weight.
  • Diabetes — Diabetic patients with periodontal disease may have more trouble controlling their blood sugar than diabetic patients with healthy gums.
  • Respiratory disease — Bacteria involved in gum disease may cause lung infections or worsen existing lung conditions. This is particularly important for elderly adults in institutions such as nursing homes. In this group, bacteria from the mouth may reach the lungs and may cause severe pneumonia.

Full article here


Q3: It is Manufactured in China, I am hesitant with the quality. How can i be assured that it's safe?


A3. China is the biggest manufacturing and production capital simply because the labor is cheap. To test the quality of the product is not based on where it is manufactured but aside from the product certificates, is to check to whom is it manufactured for. Ezeno Essential Oil Organic Toothpaste is exclusively manufactured for JM OA USA. USA will never get low quality products. Aside from that, it is  distributed in other parts of the world where JM is affiliated. 


Ezeno Essential Oil Organic Toothpaste | Hashtag HealThy


Ezeno Essential Oil Organic Toothpaste | Hashtag HealThy



Q4: How long will 1 tube of Ezeno last?

A4: because of it's controlled dispensing feature, 1 tube can actually last 1 to months for a 2x a day usage per person.


Q5: Can Children use Ezeno?

A5: Certainly, just use a pea sized amount on their toothbrush and they will love it.


Q6: Is there a difference between the Rose and Tea Tree Variant?

A6: Effects are the same, just that Tea Tree because of it's natural nature has a minty effect.