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How to Age Gracefully and live longer

5 Common Health Problems every aging person needs to solve






You got to admit that nowadays when we hear that the mother of a friend who's celebrating her 96th birthday, would keep us wondering "Wow, she lived that long?" and when we visit them to celebrate her birthday, in awe we'd ask them “Nay, Grabe 96! Happy Birthday! Anong sikereto mo? (Auntie, Amazing! 96?! Happy Birthday! What's your health secret?”  That's music to their ears alright. 

Our forefathers have lived longer than 96. In the Bible, Noah lived up to 950 years old (Genesis 9:29). Moses lived up to 120 years old., a centenarian. Centenarians are people who live more than 100 years old

Did you know that centenarians exist even today? BAMA. It's a village in China where most of it's residents are centenarians. They rarely get sick. They maintain an active lifestyle even with their age. We've listed 5 Common Health Issues every aging man or woman needs to address in their lifetime and how our products have naturally dealt with it.


  1. High Blood Sugar Levels (Diabetes), High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure

These trio has always been part of the "Maintenance List". Genetics for years have played it's part but researches have shown that Sedentary Lifestyle has been the highest risk factor for every person experiencing from it.

 AlphaMeta has been developed to help the body regenerate healthier cells of the different organs and tissues of the body with Alpha PSP. Hence, with continues use has been known to improve Blood Sugar Levels and even Blood Pressure Problems.

JM Sleep System Solution (JMS3) is embedded with Bio Magnets (Magnetic Generators) enabling the body to have a better blood circulation. When our blood cannot circulate freely within the body due to blockages and plaques forming, in the long term, our body becomes impoverished with oxygen and nutrients needed to function well. An impaired blood circulation would then cause High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar (due to thickening of the blood) and High Cholesterol which can then progress to more serious health concerns such as heart attack and stroke. With JMS3, you just sleep on it every single day, use it when you drive or when you do your desk work. Day by day, as your blood circulation improves, your health will also improve.


  1. Arthritis (Rayuma)

We love to eat. It's our anti-depressant or our celebration companion but have you experience that pain on your joints after eating a good meal? And suddenly all you do is complain the whole day with the pain.  If our body's can naturally detoxify those toxins from the food we eat, we wouldn't have to experience it in the first place. Unfortunately, with tons of stuff to unload, as we age, the liver and its cells also ages. Eventually we need hep to pump up those cells back up to eliminate the toxins.

AlphaMeta has been developed to regenerate cells. When the liver cells regenerate and cleansed, Arthritis would also then be controlled. Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker produces Active Hydrogen. Active Hydrogen has been known to be the best Anti Oxidant. Anti oxidants removes Free Radicals from the body. Free Radicals are the main causes why we get these degenerative diseases. When you eliminate free radicals, you eliminate health problems. Hydrogen Water naturally detoxifies the cells when the active hydrogen pairs with the free radical and is being eliminated by the body naturally through sweat or urine. That's why drinking hydrogen water has been considered drinking "Miracle Water"



  1. Incontinence, Prostate Inflammation (men) and Hemorrhoids

It's such a hassle to keep changing  your underwear or when you can't hold your pee even if your already at the door of the toilet. Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core Pads with its Negative Ion technology can help reduce and eliminate urinary incontinence, prostate inflammation and hemorrhoids naturally so you won't be bothered with the unfriendly scent, painful urination or the painful defecation.


  1. Forgetfulness

Our bodies naturally constantly repairs and replace its parts (cells). Certain parts of the body may fail in repairing itself such as the heart muscle cells and most of the nerve cells of the brain.  Thus weakening of the heart, being forgetful, progressive loss of our 5 senses is inevitable.  Slowing down the aging process is through constantly repair and rejuvenate the cells. AlphaMeta has the ability to naturally sowdown the aging process by renewing the cells of the body. With continues use, your body cells can actually have reverse aging you'll feel 7 years younger. Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker, another miracle tool which can make you an unlimited supply of active hydrogen water. hydrogen water has been considered as "healing water" with the ability to target free radicals and renewing body cells. Maintain an active lifestyle by maintaining a fit and healthy body


  1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be the first of the few issues that any aging person would want to address. after all, who wouldn't want to age beautifully. Partner our JM Rouse Organic Anti Aging Soap by using the hydrogen water produced by Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker when you take a bath.Daily massaging your face with AlphaSpin and using the structured hydrogen water produced as well as the daily intake of AlphaMeta and  Pure Active Hydrogen water produced by Suso can definitely give you both internal and external anti aging benefits.


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Please note that this is just a guide and we suggest that you also be assessed by Professional Doctors for complementary measures best suited for your needs.