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JM Organic Persona; Care Product Line Frequently Asked Questions

Have you read the list of ingredients of your favorite shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc recently?

Did you know that the skin is the biggest body organ. What you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream.

What you put on your skin can be more dangerous than what you eat!

Your personal care products could put you at risk for:
-Hair and skin damage
-Immunological disorders
-Eye Damage

Would you pay more attention to the ingredients?

The average woman uses 515 CHEMICALS PER DAY

7000 CHEMICALS is found on our personal care products

26 SECONDS is all it takes for your skin to absorb your body

We absorb 60% of what we put on our skin
Babies absorb 95% of what we put on THEIR skin

Here's the ugly truth about your health, your daily routine makes you a toxic waste dumping ground

Cancer, skin diseases, lung problems, birth defects, memory loss, hearing disability, kidney diseases, infertility, brain damage

These are just a Few of what is the compounding result of what we use daily.

Don't worry, we found you a solution!

Why buy JM Organic Product Line?
☑100% Organic the FIRST in the market
☑ 100% SAFE
☑ value for money
❎ side effects
❎ chemical derivatives and substitute
☑ Long Term Health Benefits

Why is JM Organic Product Line better?
☑ Removes not just the dirt but the chemicals that we have placed on our skin for the longest time
☑ 100% safe even for babies and new born
☑ 100% health assurance on long term use
☑ value for money. Health is wealth
❎ Long term side effects
☑ tested, recognized and certified


Q1: Why is it more pricey than ordinary personal care products?

A1: it's like comparing Palengke/Market soy sauce to Bragg Soy Sauce. The process of making Bragg to be pure and no chemical addition is arduous/special. Market soy sauce has side effects. Why? It's not pure soybeans, it's added with chemicals to simulate the look, smell, taste of soybeans. It's not 100% soybeans. That's the same with JM Organic Product Line. Your ASSURED of the quality.


Q2: Why doesn't the soap or the shampoo don't lather that much and I don't get to have that bubbly, sudsy experience when i take a bath?

A2: Because it's 100% organic. There's no additional chemicals for that lathery effect.


Q3: I see a lot of products that are organic but a lot cheaper. Is it really organic?

A3: Always check the labels, the ingredients list. They must contain not just FDA certifications but 100% organic. If it says 80% natural ingredients then technically its still not 100% organic. There are others who post no SLS-SLES-Parabens, etc. yes these are the more common carcinogenic (cancer producing) chemicals but its NOT the only chemicals that are carcinogenic. There are more. Did you know that fragrance alone is carcinogenic? If you want a reading of other carcinogens. Feel free to send us an email


Do you have any other questions that are not found in this FAQs page?

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