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JM Sleep System Solution (JMS3) Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on our JM Sleep Systrem Solution (JMS3) PRODUCT:

Q1: Who can use it and for how long?

A1: Anybody at any age can use it provided that they do not have any pacemakers. The product is embedded with bio magnets thus it may jam the pacemaker function if a patient with pacemaker uses it. You can use it anytime you want no limit. We suggest you maximize the 50 years usage.

Q2: How do we keep it until 50 years?

A2: Simple. Do not wet it. have a pillow case (for the pillow) and bed sheet for the mattress so you won't soil it. Why? Because we CANNOT wash it. If you do, the materials embedded like the tourmaline and magnetic magnets will be destroyed

Q3: Is it true that there is a healing crisis or detox on initial use?

A3: Yes, there is. Anything good and natural will always have. That's why we do not suggest those with stage 4 cancer use it at once, only if they use this product together with our AlphaSpin and Alpha Meta because they may not like the healing crisis/detox effect.

Q4: How do we use it?

A4: you can use it anytime, anywhere. You can even use the headpart of the travel mattress when you sit on the couch while working or driving for better blood flow and more focused during work. Keep in mind that it has biomagnets. Thus keep our mobile phones, watches away from it, because it may jam the conduction of metals inside our phones or watches.

This is also good for those who travel a lot. you wont find any problems with Jet lag because you'll have a good blood circulation for your whole trip.

Q5: Is it true that when you use it, it can help you lose weight?

A5: yes, it will indeed help you lose weight naturally. Why? It will enhance your blood circulation just like exercise. That's why our tagline for this product is "HEALTHY IS AS SIMPLE AS SLEEPING"


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