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MOM TO BE: For the "I want to get pregnant" women

The Top 3 "Trying to Conceive" Problems and Natural Solutions

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 “Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of Mother’s Love.”

Maureen Hawkins


It’s definitely a life changing experience having a baby. But for those who have tried all sorts of ways just to get pregnant can make them feel "Am I really a woman?" "What's wrong with my body?" "Am I being punished?".These can be very disheartening to hear but let me tell you this - There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are perfect, You are complete and You are loved. Here are  top 3 problems and natural product solutions for wanna-be moms so we can help you conceive the child you've been expecting.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance, Cysts, PCOS, Dysmennorhea, Infections, Low Ovarian Reserve (low egg cell count or premature egg cells)

Detoxify cysts and balance the hormones of your body with Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core Pads, the natural solution through the embedded Negative Ions to target one of the main problems of women- the use of ordinary, commercialized pads and liners that with the regular use and the compounding effect of harmful chemicals and ingredients may alter the hormones, cells and bio-physiologic component of the body. JM Bloom Organic Feminine Wash and JM Blossom Organic Feminine Spray  from our JM Organic Personal Care Product Line targets itchiness, irritations, odor and rashes by eliminating all harmful bacteria that causes infections and disease keeping you fresh on the go the whole day. JM Free Organic Purifying Soap is an anti bacterial face and body soap not only good for mild to moderate acne but can be used for itching as well. Umpf the Baby Project by Massaging the Belly with AlphaSpin. AlphaSpin aligns the body's natural frequency allowing the body to naturally heal itself and bringing it back to its original state. JM Sleep System Solution is armed with Tourmaline that naturally emit Negative Ions or Anions that also helps detoxify unwanted stuff down there even while we sleep.

         2. Stress and Lack of Physical Exercise Are you like most women who are the busy "working girls" who are always on the go, always have meetings and deadlines and get a lot of workloads? The lack of sleep can be detrimental to the hormonal imbalance and stress. Recent studies have shown that Chronic Stress may have an impact in infertility. The Lack of Physical Exercise and Obesity also have a direct relation to ones fertility. 

JM Sleep System Solution or JMS3 has been embedded with magnetic generators which produces bio-electricity to activate the body cell and improve microcirculation just like when we exercise. A better blood circulation allows the nutrients and oxygen to be delivered well to the different parts of the body. JMS3 has also been embedded with Tourmaline which emit Anions (Negative Ions) and Far Infrared promoting better blood circulation, metabolism and hormonal balance. Sleep can be the most deprived human need. JMS3 can address not just sleep (or lack of) but most importantly a healthy well-being even while you sleep. 

AlphaMeta, ensure that our body cells get the nutrition that we need. Most of the time, in the convenience of a quick grab, we tend to run to fast foods beating our cells up with more internal toxins. AlphaMeta can be a food replacement for a quick bite or snack allowing the cells to get nourished instantly with its pre-digested form. When the cells are nourished, the body is in its best state, stress levels are better managed and hormones are better balanced.    

 3. Altered Body Frequency

The modern age has created a lot of conveniences to our everyday life with the advancement of technology. Unfortunately, only few people know the problems that our body, more specific - our health faces everyday in our daily encounter and use. Radiation has been linked to a lot of health concerns and illnesses including infertility. The body cells have been mutating and adjusting to the harmful effects of radiation which we bathe in everyday to survive. The body's normal frequency is altered and so is our body's hormones. AlphaSpin has been developed in Germany to combat all forms and frequencies of Radiation protecting the body from all unwanted ill effects technology while still enjoying the conveniences it brings us without the fear of long term, future health problems brought about by the emergence of stronger and more state-of-the-art modern technology.

 PS: Getting Pregnant takes two to tango. Make sure to check out our Gentleman's Health Guide for your hubby.

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Please note that this is just a guide and we suggest that you also be assessed by Professional Doctors for complementary measures best suited for your needs.