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Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker


Q1. How can it help cure cancer, AIDS, lupus, diabetes, kidney, heart and other problems?

A1. We live in a world where free radicals is the trend. That's why antioxidants have been manufactured. But what really are Free Radicals? How can you fight against free radicals?The best way to kick free radicals to the curb is with antioxidants. It's because anti oxidants readily donate their free electrons to stabilize free radicals.90% of modern day diseases come from free radicals. Free radicals are the end "waste" products, internally generated when our cells create energy through oxidization creating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) -the most destructive free radicals in the body. Free radicals can also be introduced from external sources such as environmental pollutants or toxins such as cigarette smoking, drugs, alcohol, radiation or pesticides. If left uncontrolled, free radicals can cause cellular damage that will lead to every conceivable degenerative diseases known to man, like premature aging, hardening of the arteries, eye problems, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, kidney problems and many others - take your pick ---yes! This is the cause of all problems. It's not the fault of the friend or officemate carrying flu virus and we get a flu the day after, it's our fault for not increasing our immunity.


Q2. Why is Pure Hydrogen Water Maker the Best Anti Oxidant?

A2. Hydrogen is the lightest element. H2 in water will link to the free radical O in our body.Free radicals damage is prevented by hydrogen. Hydrogen combines with free radicals to prevent cellular damage and destruction. Free radicals combined with hydrogen and transform into safe and harmless water to be discharged from the body through urine and sweat. In a study, drinking Pure Hydrogen Water (in a 500 ppb content) for daily antioxidant body need is equivalent to eating 756 bananas daily or 516 apples daily or 38 carrots daily or 45 spinach daily or 3.7 pumpkin daily. So which is easier to take?


Q3: So how many liters of water should we drink to have the healing effects?

A3: It's actually not just the healing effects but hydration of the whole body so that the kidneys can do its cleansing. Please scratch out that 8 glasses of water a day. Why? Because it's a long outdated knowledge. So how will you measure the MINIMUM requirement? Simple. Weight in kg x 50ml. 50 is a constant Factor.

So if you weight 50 kilos then 50 kilos x 50 = 2500 ml per day of water minimum intake.

You can Google water Intake calculator or download an app (google play store or apple store) of the accurate water intake calculator


Q4: Why is it pricey?

A4:  There's a saying "Health is Wealth" and being healthy is actually priceless especially in the long term. but let's say we're not considering that important factor.

Remember the video of the healing waters of the world? Imagine if you have that at your very homes every single day! You don't need to go to Mexico or Meccah. Just process that in your homes everyday. It's unlimited! You just saved yourself the hassle of going to the miracle waters spot which by the way always have long lines, you get the convenience of getting the same effects at your very own homes. With that price considering it lasts 10 years without much maintenance ( only twice a month cleaning with Citric Acid salt which is included in the package), it's actually a lot cheaper. seriously.


 Q4: Why will I choose Suso Hydrogen Water Maker?

1. It produces MORE PURE HYDROGEN (800 to 1200 ppb plus)
2. You can make UNLIMITED HYRDOGEN WATER. Just keep filling it up and keep making! It's not repacked nor is it bought by volume
3. It has higher ORP (-350 to -550). This means that the higher the number the more stable it is. Remember that hydrogen gas is the lightest gas so if it's ORP is lower and positive, then chances are the moment you drink it, it will dissipate quickly
4. Less maintenance compared to other machines. It will last you 10 years.
It has built in chips that will auto off your machine signaling that there is something with the water you used or the electrical current surges, this feature is needed to assure you that this will last you 10 years
5. Low electricity consumption. Your fans or light bulbs consume more electricity than SUSO
6. 1 yr warranty (only if product is manufacturer's fault, if you break it, it's not part of the warranty)
7. When purchasing with us, we give you an opportunity to make it your start up business worldwide.


So are you Ready to Expereince the Miracle Healing Waters at your home? Then Purchase a Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker Now!