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Video Series 2

Hello and Welcome to Video series 2.

I hope you have really finished Video Series 1 and have also answered the connection form.

This next video series will now equip you all about the products that we use in our platform for marketing.

FDI has chosen the platform and products of JM because we believe in natural healing. We believe that if we are given or placed in a perfect environment, our bodies will naturally itself.


Video #1 Welcome



Video #2 Product Concept



Video #3: Bringing it Home



Video #4: The Science of Miracle Healing Waters Revealed


Video #5: Are your Cells Running Empty?



Video #6: Is Sleeping the New Exercise?




Video #7: Are you Killing Yourself?



Video #8: How are you protecting yourself?



Video #9: Are your kids, wife, daughter, girlfriends safe?


Video # 10: Do you want to be a wealthy consumer?




If you have made it up to here, then you are now ready for the next Video Series. Yes, this is where we will talk about the sensitive, emotional topic = MONEY.


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 Distributor Video Series 3