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Video Series 3

You have come to this 3rd part after finishing the 2nd video series, you may be even asking what does these products got to do with wealth building?

This industry and business model allows us to migrate from being in the left side of the quadrant (Employee or Self Employed) to become a business owner and Investor. So you can build an asset that will eventually give you wealth. Wealth that will allow you to be passed on to your children in the future or allow you to give more to the society or maybe simply be able to afford the luxuries and investments that you want.

The concept is really simple. Today, companies spend millions and billions of dollars advertising. So what our business model does is instead of spending all that money on television, radio, print or the web, they pass all that money to you. So it simply means the best form of marketing is word of mouth, viral marketing, friends helping friends type of marketing. It's a simple concept that allows you and me, ordinary people, ordinary product consumers to ALSO EARN from promoting and building up consumers and promoters. It's really sharing the wealth to more people.   

 And that's where the profits are generated from rather than giving them to the big ad agencies or the media companies, you pass it on to your friends and yourselves. It's not so much about selling per se. It's about building a network of people. Molding an asset for you and your family. The bigger your scope, the bigger your network turned asset , the bigger your wealth. Just look at Telephone Network Companies and TV/Cable Network Companies. It's all about creating more Network of subscribers.

Think about it. Do you have the same wealth building potential when you promote your favorite movie? or when you promote that newly opened restaurant on the street corner that gives you the juiciest patties? I guess not. But with us? WE CAN.


How do we earn?

Let's Watch Video Series Number 3


 Video #1: The Market Potential, Distribution and Model



Video #2:  How do you know if you can achieve your goal?


Video #3: Drive and Group Bonus



Video #4: How to develop a profitable business organization?



Video #5: So how to start?


Our goal is to build your business. Our goal is to develop you into a successful entrepreneur. Our goal is to make you a professional network and organization builder. You've come to the right opportunity. Let me guide you to the next steps to learn as a Professional Network and Organization Builder.


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