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Video Series 4: New Distributors Orientation

Now that you get to understand yourself and your journey, let me take you to a higher level of understanding.

We welcome you to the New Distributors Orientation. These are 2 parts, the first part is deeper understanding of how you'll level up your commissions targeting for your financial goals and the second part is the basic skills training.

As long as you want to go through the training programs, we'll work with you hand in hand. We won't fire you,we'll give you time to develop, to become the person you are. And then after you become successful, your next job is to help other people to do the same thing. It's really that simple. First develop yourself and then develop other people along the way.

So let's start your New Distributors Orientation 


Here's Video #1: Welcome




Video #2: What's your first step?


Video #3: How to hit your daily income goal faster




Video #4: The power of MPA




Video #5: Unlocking another bonus



Video #6: How to Maximize your Benefits


If you have watched up to this point, then the last Video Series is indeed ready for you. Your somehow ready to indulge the things that you need to do.


Entrepreneurs make things happen, they don't let small minded people stop them. The beauty of this industry and having FDI is to have an organization that can  support you  to change and work through your fears. To not care about what people say or think about you. To not let what intellectuals say affect you. If you can do that, then you'll  grow into one if the greatest entrepreneurs. 

Its now up to you to gain that skill set, that mindset, that guts that determination to not care about what other people say about you especially when the going gets tough.


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