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Video Series 5

To start as an entrepreneur..

People say ‘it's tough being an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs are born, not made’ Well. Actually, it's not true.

It's changing your mindset It's not being born to it.. The trick is how do you get to that mindset and how do you develop that certain skills that allow you  to transition from employee or self employed/small business to big business owner and investor

So in the Part 1 New Distributor's Orientation Video Series, you get to understand the deeper level for your financial goals.

Let's now start you basic skill set that you would need. Please note that it is through applying what we learned that we can progress through. Like in anything, we will have this learning curve. The more you become aggressive to applying what you learned, the faster is the result.


By the way, this series is cut short because every new distributor learns differently or has different skills level, 

We will be adding more to the videos, but for now, let's watch the last 3 videos:


Video 1: 


Video 2


Video 3


And that's about it.

The Next Question now is, Are you ready to take on the lead? Are you now ready to apply what you just learned?


If you are, then let's start your 90 day Mentoring Program. The program that FDI created for the millions of distributors to help duplicate the exact results of our Chief Mentors, Dr. Yong and Dr. Teh. There's really no secret. It's just applying what we learned. The workbook is found inside your FDI Starter Kit. (FDI Starter Kit is sold separately from the product you purchased for sign up. FDI is dedicated to grooming you to become a Professional Network Builder. JM is dedicated to giving us the products and commissions)


If your still not on our FB group, please give me a headsup. It is where we give some more info, announcements and videos. 


Once you sign up the Mentoring Program, you'll also be created with a special WeChat Forum where me and my mentors will also be there. It is really all about welcoming you on your journey. It is a special forum where you can ask all questions. And once you have been welcomed by my mentors, we can now add you to a special events forum/FB group wherein you can watch all live videos of trainings and even previous trainings. How does that sound?

All of this are just because you started and signed up as a distributor.  Did you know that when you search online about these kinds, you'll need to pay some few bucks but that's the beauty of this industry. You didn't pay additional to be part of the exclusive group. It's really all about you now. How you want to move from here. :)


See you then!