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The Ultimate Feminine Care Plan

Female Health | Hashtag HealThy


“If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you’re simply ducking your responsibilities.” - Ann Richards




Women's Top 5 Health Issues and Natural Product Solutions


Who run the world? Girls (girls)
Who run the world? Girls (girls)
Who run the world? Girls (girls)
Who run the world? Girls (girls)
Who run this mother? Girls
Who run this mother? Girls
Who run this mother! Girls
Who run this mother! Girls

Did you just sing Beyonce's "Run The World" song? Yep! Women have a voice in this world. 
There’s no such thing as starting too soon when it comes to  taking care of our bodies.  Every woman deserves to be beautiful, fit and healthy, but Hashtag HealThy believes every girl must be in her optimum health especially when we are loaded with more responsibilities. The more that we are healthy, the more that we are able to take care of the needs of our family, the more that we are always game on, the more that we can be confident with ourselves. Here we give you a rundown of Top 5 Women's Health issues and Hashtag HealThy's natural solutions for a complete package.


  1. "Down There Issues"
Dysmenorrhea, Irregular Menses, Cramps, UTI, Infections, PCOS, Cysts, Myoma, Migraine, PMS, Itchiness, Rashes, Trying to Conceive, etc. These are some of the modern day women have been battling. Don’t be alarmed that 83% of women all over the world have these problems. That's 8 out of 10 women. If you are one of this 83%, don’t fret! Did you know that 62% from this 83% is because of the use of low quality commercialized napkins and liners. Angel's Secret Negative Ion Core Pads gives us a solution to this problem. JM Bloom Organic Feminine Wash and JM Blossom Organic Feminine Spray  from our JM Organic Personal Care Product Line targets itchiness, irritations, odor and rashes by eliminating all harmful bacteria that causes infections and disease keeping you fresh on the go the whole day. JM Free Organic Purifying Soap is an anti bacterial face and body soap not only good for mild to moderate acne but can be used for itching as well.
      2. The Chakadoll  "Rough, Dry Skin, Uneven Skin Tone Issues"
Turn heads with that radiant and glowing skin when you indulge yourself with JM Glow Organic Whitening Soap and JM Rouse Organic Anti Aging Soap. It whitens, smoothens your skin leaving it soft and supple without the harmful chemicals. Organic is the new trend. JM Free Organic Purifying Soap is an anti bacterial face and body soap not only good for mild to moderate acne but can be used for itching as well. Our JM Organic Personal Care Product Line  gives you a 100% Organic Ingredients and Organically produced products that are safe even for babies. JM Shield Organic Sunblock protects your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Did you know that going out of the without any sun protection actually increases the chances of aging as well as skin cancer? With a 100% organic sunblock, you are also assured that no harmful chemicals will ever touch your body.
  1. Triple D: Dandruff, Dry and Damaged Hair
Do you ever wonder why even we get dandruff even if we use an anti-dandruff shampoo? Do you wonder why we get dry, flaky scalp and even dry or oily hair even if we've loaded up with conditioner daily? JM Revitalize Organic Detox Shampoo  and JM Nourish Organic Detox Conditioner gives you an ultimate hair make over with Natural and organic Ingredients that makes you feel like going to a salon every after bath. 100% safe,100% natural and 100% organic.
  1. The Haggardo Versoza: "I'm Stressed and I Need an Energy Boost"

If you're the working women or the stay at home mom or the kolehiyala cramming for her exams then stress may have taken its toll on you.
Water has been known to be one of the best "Pick Me Up" Drink without any side effects. Our bodies is composed of 70% water. Did you know that we can live for 3 weeks without food but we can only live for 3 days without water. Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker not only gives you water but "Healing Water". Did you know that there are places in the world such as Tlacote, Mexico where we have the Healing waters and people actually flow to these places just to get a drink? With Suso, you don't need to go there. it will give you an unlimited supply of the best waters in the world. It is also important that you invest in the best water, because drinking ordinary water may even be hazardous to your health. Increase the ability of water to be readily absorbed by the body turning the water into hexagonal structured water with AlphaSpin.

If you've watched Hitman: Agent 47, this guy barely sleeps. Man is that kind of energy. But we know this is based on fiction. As human beings, we need sleep. Sleep is actually one of the most deprived necessities. A mother with a newly born baby barely gets sleep, an employee with deadlines to keep only gets 3 to 5 hours of sleep. We need  sleep, we are not SadakoJM Sleep System Solution can give you that intense deep sleep that you need even with just a short span of time. it gives you that shiatsu-like massage experience and enhances micro-circulation giving you the benefits of exercise while you sleep. AlphaSpin enhances the body's natural frequency and brings the body to it's self healing state making you feel even more refreshed and renewed the next day. AlphaSpin also harmonizes EMF radiation frequency emitted from our mobile phones, laptop, and all plugged in appliances. Ever wonder why we get a headache or we feel drained after woking on our laptops? Ever wonder why they say "Don't put your mobile phones near you when you sleep"? Yes, the radiation frequency emitted actually interferes with your body frequency and your sleep.

When you are all stressed out and have a lot of things in mind, food can sometimes be the least priority or can be the "See Food" Diet - I eat anything I see. AlphaMeta assures that your cells are better nourished and detoxifies all toxins that have been derived from oily, commercialized, meat extended food. When cells are properly nourished, the body can work to its maximum. Remember, Healthy cells = Healthy Body.

  1. Always on the Go

With modernization comes a fast paced world. Women have now been in search for on the go products that with convenience will keep them fresh the whole day. JM Organic Personal Care Product Line gives you an array of 100% Natural and Organic Products to use making you feel secure that no harmful chemicals will ever enter your body. JM Breathe Organic Breath Spray is a go-to for before the meeting or before the interview days. It also helps you get rid of bad mouth odor and mouth sores. JM Handshake Organic Hand Spray is your organic product of choice to keep your hands bacteria free as well as help you control sweaty palms. JM March Organic Foot Spray helps you get rid of that foul foot odor and sweaty feet. Underarms have been one of the greatest stressors for women in terms of wetness meter. JM Soothe Organic Deo Spray helps you get rid of foul odor as well as help you control sweat on your underarms. JM Blossom Organic Feminine Spray allows you to feel fresh down there on the go even when travelling long hours.
These are just some of the basic and highly recommended products  are guaranteed to help every woman achieve the perfect and optimum health holistically and naturally.


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Please note that this is just a guide and we suggest that you also be assessed by Professional Doctors for complementary measures best suited for your needs.