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AlphaMeta: Energy Food for the Cell

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Did you know that our cells are the most important part of the body? Why? because our cells and the health of our cells determine the overall health of our body.

JM's products come from the concept of BAMA. Bama is a place in China where the oldest person living is at 135 years old. crazy right/ but yes, its true. and our scientists have found out that there are 5 reasons why, their environment has a perfect place for SUNLIGHT, AIR, WATER, FOOD, BIOMAGNET. So our goal is bringing BAMA to wherever we are. So with our ALPHAMETA, you are eating like the fresh food in BAMA. as we all know, modern times, no matter how "healthy" or "organic" it is, are we so sure that the food is really that organic? the good news is, ALPHA META IS 100% ORGANIC. we used ducks for fertilizer, earthworms to have quality soil, frogs and fish as our insecticide. and even the waste of these animals are also part of the fertilizer. AlphaMeta is harvested only once a year. and what's more, its NOT the whole brown rice but only the center where Alpha PSP is found. Alpha PSP is the basic food of the cell. it's predigested, meaning, even if it doesn't pass the whole digestive system and even just placed under the tongue, the effect is INSTANT. '

Alpha Meta | Hashtag HealThy


Extracted from organic rice harvest from Thailand, AlphaMeta contains the highest quality of natural plant source energy, which will make cells more physically active, so your whole family can enjoy a life of health and longevity!


AlphaMeta Product Description | Hashtag HealThy

  • Manufactured in Thailand
  • Ingredients: Organic Long, Whole Grain Brown Rice (Oryza Sativa),including Bran, Fiber, Rice Bran Oil, Germ
  • 2 years expiration date from manufacturing date
  • Net Weight per bottle: 350g
  • Suitable for all ages


Benefits of AlphaMeta | Hashtag HealThy

  • Cell Detoxification
  • Cell Repair
  • Cell Rejuvenation
  • Cell Protection
Benefits of AlphaMeta | Hashtag HealThy


  • Reduces the risk of heart disease by Increasing HDL- Cholesterol  (Good Cholesterol needed by the body) and Reducing LDL- Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol, the reason for a high cholesterol in the body)
  • Improves the overall health of Diabetes patients thus reduce the dependency on drugs
  • Provides energy for the brain cells
  • Strengthens muscle tissues
  • Strengthen Digestive Tract
  • Promote Skin regeneration



Using the spoon provided, sprinkle 1 scoop (10g) onto 150-300ml warm water. Let it settle for 5 to 10 mins or until the powder has completely been diluted. Stir and Drink.




AlphaMeta Testimonials and Review | Hashtag HealThy


For Full Nutritional Cellular Benefits, Use Hydrogen water when making AlphaMeta through  Suso Pure Hydrogen Water Maker

For Frequently Asked Questions about AlphaMeta, Click here.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Levis kamto

I really appreciate this product but since it's been a month since I placed the order for 2 boxes of alphameta I have never received I don't really know why if you can't deliver me refund me my money 💰 it's is simple thank you