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Bio Normalizer Fermented Green Papaya

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Bio Normalizer



Bio Normalizer, Made in Japan, is also known as bio-catalyst. It is the result of breakthrough in biotechnology research by a group of scientists, doctors and professors from USA, Russia and Japan.


Bio Normalizer contains tropical plants including green papaya processed by innovating Japanese traditional fermentation technology using specific pastoris, degradative enzymes, microbial fermentation agent, and without adding any other additives


The main ingredient in Bio Normalizer is Carica papaya that is native to the Philippines. This is a dietary supplement aged by fermenation using green papayas that floursih in environments with high UV exposure and tropical temperatures. This product impressively utilizes AKIRA strain and microbial fermetation contol agents that were discovered on research laboratories. This product does not contain any vitamin preparation or calcium supplements, amino acids or synthetic chemical compouns, additives, genetically altered materials. Since Bio Normalizer activates all- natural complex iwth biological functions, there is no need or chemical extraction or purifications, making it an almost "all natural" product.

Based on several clinical studies and scientific researches, it has

1. immumeregulatory function
2. bacteriostasis
3. Free radical regulation properties
4. Metal chelate
5. Excretory actions
6. Anti-aging as well to mention a few.

Briefly, this is a product that promotes and restores the total wellness of the human body system.


Functions of Bio Normalizer

- Rapid detoxification:  Bio Normalizer effectively removes lead, aluminum, mercury and toxins from the cells in the brain. These toxins will be excreted from the body through urination. This will allow body cells to avoid threats from chemical fertilizers, preservatives, flavoring, pesticides, chemical and heavy metal toxins.

- Boost up the body’s natural immune cells: Bio Normalizer strongly boosts the body’s natural immune cells; the four bodyguards (B- and T-cells, Natural killer cells and macrophages) and at the same time speeds up cells renewal and enhance the cell’s self-healing ability.

- Antioxidants: Diminish the damaging effects of free radical to the body, particularly that of Hydrogen and Hydroxyl radicals.

- Enhancing self-recovery ability

- Scavenge free radicals in our body

- Recover damaged cells


BIO-NORMALIZER is manufactured under strict Japanese quality control standards, it is a product of Science with 140 published clinical and scientific researches. It has received international recognition from Russian, Chinese and Philippine government, and recently won Monde Selection Gold Awards for 3 consecutive years.







Functional Food Ingredients:

- Each Sachet contains: carica papaya, Dextrose, Yeasts (used during fermentation)

Product Inclusions:

- 1 box has 10 sachets at 3g each

- Net weight: 30g


Place powder on the tongue allowing the powder to dissolve inside the mouth.



One Sachet per day


-Bio Normalizer is best utilized when the body is at rest. The best time to drink it is with an empty stomach before you sleep.



Bio Normalizer Testimonies | Hashtag HealThy

Bio Normalizer Testimonies | Hashtag HealThy

Bio Normalizer Testimonies | Hashtag HealThy

Bio Normalizer Testimonies | Hashtag HealThy

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