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JMS3 Far Infrared Bio-Magnetic Pillow

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Because Being Healthy is as simple as sleeping.

Consisting of "far infrared", "anion", "bio-magnetism" and various other energized elements. Modern technology made it possible to produce a BAMA-like natural ecosystem capable of activating the body's own energy as well as improving the body's overall microcirculation.
Making Sleep a HEALTHY lifestyle.

Why is a GOOD microcirculation important?

Because if we have a good  blood circulation then our cells will be well nourished and oxygen will be delivered well to the different parts of the body. A good circulation will also prevent plaques from forming and occluding thus preventing heart attack and stroke. When you have a good blood circulation, you'll also have a good night's sleep.

When you use this Pillow, you not only get the best sleep
but you also get the benefits of exercise!


- BEST SLEEP - good blood circulation - better focus - more oxygenation and nutrition to the cells - unclog plaques in your blood vessels and artery - Shiatsu-like massage - Temperature regulation - lasts you 50 years WITHOUT sagging


Best paired with our Mattress and Quilt. For travelers and the "on the go", we have our Travel Mattress for you to give you the best sleep wherever you go
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