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JMS3 Far Infrared Bio-Magnetic Quilt

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(JMS3) JM Sleep System Solution

Because Being Healthy is as simple as sleeping.
Consisting of "far infrared", "anion", "bio-magnetism" and various other energized elements. Modern technology made it possible to produce a BAMA-like natural ecosystem capable of activating the body's own energy as well as improving the body's overall microcirculation.
Making Sleep a HEALTHY lifestyle.

Why is a GOOD microcirculation important?

Because if we have a good  blood circulation then our cells will be well nourished and oxygen will be delivered well to the different parts of the body. A good circulation will also prevent plaques from forming and occluding thus preventing heart attack and stroke. When you have a good blood circulation, you'll also have a good night's sleep.

When you use this Quilt, you not only get the best sleep

but you also get the benefits of exercise!


Also available on layaway

- good blood circulation - better focus - more oxygenation and nutrition to the cells - unclog plaques in your blood vessels and artery - Shiatsu-like massage - Temperature regulation - lasts you 50 years



  • Best paired with our Pillow and Mattress for an overall experience
  • For travelers, we have our Travel Mattress for you to give you the best sleep wherever you go
  • Not suitable for People with pacemakers- the product may jam the chips due to the bio magnets
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