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Super Food Mais Kape (Corn Coffee) Native Coffee

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Craving for coffee without the fear of gaining weight, palpitations or unnecessary preservatives added to it?
An All-Natural Coffee consumed by ancient civilizations as a beverage in its purest form.
100% Organic! A perfect alternative to regular, healthy and affordable coffee!

-Control Diabetes
-Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
-Lower Hypertension
-Reduce Cholesterol level
-Minimize the risk of colon cancer and prevent neural tube defects in infants.

- Rich in fiber
- Regulates bowel movement
- Relives bloated stomach and constipation
- Stomach acid neutralizer Sleep enhancer
- Cures insomnia
- Fatigue and stress reliever
- Relieves headache and migraine
- Treat dysmenorrhea
- Boost immune system
- Non-acidic
- Not addictive
- Delays hunger pangs
- Promotes weight loss in overweight people
- Extends endurance
- Increased and sustained energy level, not a caffeine spike and fall.
- Helps maintenance of proper blood sugar levels
- Improves circulation
-Alleviates digestion problems
- Decreases bloatedness
- Detoxifies the body

FDA – LTO – 3000000895144
DOST Assisted Product

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