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Quantum Premium Sanitary Liner and Napkin with Negative Ion and Scalar Energy

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Quantum Sanitary Pads with Negative Ion (Anion) and Scalar Energy

Quantum Premium Sanitary Pads: with Negative Ions (Anion), Active Oxygen, Far Infrared Rays and Magnetic and Scalar Energy




The first in the market to contain these 4 key elements into a single product.

  •   Negative Ions (Anion)
  •   Active Oxygen
  •   Far Infrared
  •   Magnetic and Scalar Energy


According to research from the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), 83% of women suffer different degrees of gynecological diseases, with 62% of these cases caused by POOR QUALITY Sanitary Napkins

Acknowledge the truth:

12 women die of cervical cancer every day in the Philippines

***Based on the 2010 Cancer Facts and Estimates 2010 of the Philippine Cancer Society Incorporated (PCSI)

Did you know?
Bacterial Infections are very possible in an ordinary sanitary napkin

Common Symptoms of Bacterial Infections:

1. Slight Fever
2. Itchy Skin
3. External Vaginal Inflammation
4. Cervical Inflammation
5. Endometrial Inflammation
6. Excessive White Discharge
7. Searing Heat or Pain in the Lower Abdomen

As much as 107 bacteria can reside on per mm2 surface of a common sanitary napkin, an excellent environment for the growth & multiplication of bacteria & harmful viruses, after continuous use of 2 hours.

Your ordinary absorbent pad can build up bacteria as fast as 15-18 minutes of usage, especially in humid conditions such as the tropical countries. And since women in their menstrual period are presumably weak and more prone to bacteria, ordinary sanitary napkins just won't suffice.

With sanitary napkins infused with Magnetic + Scalar Energy and Negative Ions, you won't be having this problem. The combination of these 3 not only keeps women clean, dry and fresh but also enhances the skin's respiratory function and allows it to combat bacteria.



  • Breathable Fabric  - helps women stay clean and fresh. The surface of the pad contains thin and absorbent materials that allow the skin to be free from moisture, letting it stay dry and comfortable with sufficient airflow.


  • Excellent Ventilation for better air flow


  • Anti-Bacterial Properties - has magnetic + scalar energy and negative ions that gets rid of bacteria and bodily odors without the side effects.


  • Has 4 Technologies in one - Negative Ion (Anion), Magnetic + Scalar Energy, Active Oxygen, Far Infrared


  • Extraordinary Absorbing Capability preventing Side Leakage - Made from high-quality materials like leak-proof membrane and polymerization paper that allow the absorbent pad to absorb faster than the ordinary sanitary napkin.


  • Complies with the National Hygiene Standards- Assuring you of a product that will never let you down.


  • Eliminates Odor (Anti-bacterial)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antifungal
  • Balances Body pH
  • Restores Hormonal Balance
  • Promotes Metabolism Enhances
  • Blood Circulation
  • Regulates the Menstrual Cycle
  • Relieves Abdominal Pain
  • Regenerates Body Cells
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Enhances Memory
  • Positive Effect on Mood
  • Prevents you from the harmful effects of EMF Radiation


For First time users of #QUANTUMPADS, Possible experience of Healing process is expected, just continue using, change liners every 3 hours and you’ll see the amazing results!!



Use Quantum Napkin (Day and Night) during red days to allow a fresh stress-free experience during the most vulnerable days of a woman.

Use Quantum Liner every day to keep fresh, clean and dry the whole day

Use the FREE vaginal self-test card to check for the usual secretions. Note: This is NOT a replaceable exam to check for cervical/ovarian cancer. Please have a check with your dedicated OB if you need a more extensive check.


free vaginal self test card

Do not throw the foil after you consume the whole pack. Because even the pack is embedded with Scalar Energy! :)



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