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Tablea: 100% PURE UNSWEETENED CACAO (10 Tablets) from Matag-ob, Leyte

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Tableya/Fermented Cacao Mass from Matag-ob, Leyte

Famously used by Ms Lucy Torres and family, Sabin Hotel in Ormoc, Leyte and W.L. Foods Choco Batirol

If Tsoko Nut Batirol, now owned by WL Foods, gets their high quality pure tablea from us, then you should try this too!

Make your hot drink and create your cakes the best tasting ever with this:

100% PURE Fermented Cacao Tablets with No sugar/preservatives added.

Did you know that Cacao has Flavonoids?

Flavonoids are anti-oxidants that improve health and even help prevent cancer as well as brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease.


-Mood Improver
-Natural Aphrodisiac
-Lower Blood Pressure
-Prevents Heart Problems
-Energy Booster
-Fights Tooth Decay
-Cough Suppressant
-Prevents Sunburn
-Makes Your Skin Glow
-Get Shiny Hair and Strong Nails
-Prevents Cancer
-Improves Metabolism
-Improves Digestion and Regulates Bowel Movement
-Controls Diabetic Condition
-Thins Blood and Prevents Blood Clotting for Highly Susceptible Stroke Patients
-Protects the Liver and Pancreas
-Reduces the Risk of Kidney Problems
-Reduces Appetite and Helps Shed Fat and Manage Weight
-Aids in Body Detoxification
-Improves Memory and Prevents Alzheimer’s Diseases

1 pack contains 10 pieces of tablea weighing approx. 140 grams. No need to use batirol when making hot chocolate, it melts easily. One Tablet is all you need to create that perfect cup of choco drink

How to Prepare: Dissolve one Tablet for every cup of boiling water. Stir well to mix. Simmer to desired consistency. Add sugar or milk to taste.

FDA – LTO – 3000000895144
DOST Assisted Product

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